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2008 Articles By: Valerie Smith

The Link - November/December - 2008
Septarian Stone

Also known as Dragon Stone because of its unique markings, this stone is made up of yellow calcite and aragonite within limestone with a large bentonite content.. Septarian Stone can be used to help one release anger and bring joy into their life. It nurtures and grounds one, bringing relief of muscle spasms. The calm that holding this stone brings to one is that of balance and wholeness. Because one feels relaxed and grounded when using this stone, they are able to move into a state of openness increasing their intuitive abilities. As a result one can feel transformed into a state of magical energy, allowing vivid visualizations during meditation.

For more info see: Septarian Stone

The Link - September/October - 2008
Shiva Lingam

This hand polished stone represents the union of the masculine and feminine (God Shiva and Goddess Kali). It is found in the Narmada River in India, and has the energy of creating sacred space, bringing the energy that is needed to heal in any situation. A Shiva Lingam is especially useful when healing childhood sexual abuse or past relationships. It will bring back the trust of the masculine or feminine, re-energizing the root chakra, opening the way for a new relationship. Place the Shiva Lingam in the centre of the room, the centre of a healing grid, wear it or carry it in your pocket.

For more info see: Shiva Lingam

The Link - July/August - 2008
Smokey Quartz Elestial

Smokey Quartz has the amazing ability of bringing light to the dark areas of your life and to the darker chakras in your energy. This means it lightens your burdens, lifts your self- esteem and eases the tension from your body. Its colour ranges from a smokey quality in quartz to a deep black. But always, the light comes through. Elestial brings a bonus to the energy of this stone. You know it is elestial by the ridges and terminations along the sides of the stone. The energy the elestial quality brings to smokey quartz is one of overcoming anything with the help of the elestial realm, and has the ability to give you ultimate wisdom.

For more info see: Smokey Quartz

The Link - June - 2008
Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper heals our emotions, bringing them to the surface and washing them away, like the waves in the ocean. The beautiful circular and swirling colours of cream, green and orange within this stone remind us that all life moves in a circlular pattern of cycles and growth. Assisting us to live within life’s natural rhythm, this stone bring us calm and helps us to love our self and others. As a result decision making is made easier. While meditating we can use this stone to assist us with a circular breathing pattern to bring balance and equanimity to our mind.

For more info see: Ocean Jasper

The Link - May - 2008

This is a very calming and grounding stone. It brings patience and helps one to release anger. It is very much an earth healer, allowing one to connect to the earth energies for healing, while at the same time, bringing peace and healing energy to the earth. Aragonite can range from a creamy colour to deep browns, though is mostly seen as a sandy brown. It can also be used to bring warmth when feeling cool or cold, and has been known to relieve aches and pains. Aragonite also teaches one acceptance, helping them to be less sensitive in response to others. When needing to relax, aragonite is very helpful.

For more info see: Aragonite

The Link - March/April - 2008
Spirit Quartz

This high vibration stone is actually a quartz cluster or point that has a layer of fine tiny quartz points, usually amethyst growing over the original clear quartz. This crystal can be used to help one heal on a physical, metaphysical or spiritual level, including any karmic situations. Use it for meditation or trance work or to cleanse other stones. It can also help one to connect to the spirit of their ancestors, and to comfort one during times of grief. This stone is also useful for groups, families or communities, healing any problems and lifting the spirit of the group as a whole.

For more info see: Spirit Quartz

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