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2010 Articles By: Valerie Smith

The Link - November/December - 2010

Scolecite brings a fountain of light into one’s body, helping them to flow with whatever life offers. In moments of difficulty Scolecite can help one to stay balanced and steady. It provides protection from negative energies, assisting one to live in harmony with universal law. Scolecite opens one to express more love, and when exchanged between lovers will create a heart-to-heart connection. The bright, white light this stone channels, will bring joy to the moment, and inner peace within. It enhances ones dreams, creates lucid dreaming and restful sleep. Scolecite also helps one to catch subtle messages from their inner self or from higher sources. Carry or wear this stone to get through the day, use while meditating, or place under your pillow to sleep.

For more info see: Scolecite

The Link - September/October - 2010
Black Onyx

A form of chalcedony, Black Onyx helps one to align with their higher self, helping them to make wise decisions. Gives one the determination needed to follow their path, and helps them to recognize their strengths. It helps one to draw the energies needed from source as it protects one from negative energy. It can be used to let go of stress from the body and mind, as well as old energies, patterns of behavior and people who no longer serve ones highest good. Not only will it help one to stay focused, but encourages happiness and good fortune. This amazing stone also helps one to stay grounded through difficult situations.

For more info see: Black Onyx

The Link - July/August - 2010

Merlinite, also known as Dendritic Agate or Dendritic Opal, expands ones consciousness and abilities. It is thought to be a magical stone, helping one to access both physical and metaphysical realms. It helps one to be more receptive intuitively and enables them to understand the messages more clearly. It brings a broader scope of any situation to light, assisting one to see other perspectives, which will benefit in helping to clear up misunderstandings and issues in life. Merlinite’s innate wisdom helps one to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It can be used to access the Akashic Records, and to connect to the elements of nature, enhancing shamanic practices.

For more info see: Merlinite

The Link - May/June - 2010
Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone is Obsidian glass rarely formed naturally in the earth, usually artificially made from volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helen’s. It ranges in beautiful transparent colours of pale yellow, deep oranges, blues, and mostly greens. Known also as the Goddess Stone, it assists both women and men to connect to the Divine Feminine within, bringing compassion and empathy for all creatures of the earth, especially for the earth itself. It brings great comfort to those who feel they do not belong on earth, anchoring and stabilizing their energy here, thus also allowing for shamanic journeying. Gaia Stone is an emotional healer, drawing emotional trauma of the past from the body, and is also a stone of prosperity and abundance.

For more info see: Gaia Stone

Ki Awareness - March/April - 2010
A Healthy Energy Body Creates a Healthy Life

Many people are unaware of the energy they are holding in their body, until like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, finds themselves ‘cooked’. Once physical illness, muscle tightness or mental exhaustion has set in, one has been suffering from stress and has accumulated an enormous amount of negative energy from life’s happenings over a long period of time.

Working with the energy level of the body, not only helps to release these energies, so the body can do its job and heal its self, but can help to prevent illness before it begins. As these energies are being released, (whatever portion the client is ready to let go of during the session), new energy fills the void, helping the client to feel relaxed, lighter and ready to face life again.

As a holistic energy medicine practitioner, I am a channel for the healing energy that comes to the client. I do not ‘heal’, it is the Divine energy that comes through and it is the client who allows the healing to happen. Divine energy is light energy which is felt as a subtle vibration in the body, helping it to relax allowing the body’s systems to come back into balance.

Channeling energy is done using intent with unconditional love, and prayer. Staying in tune with the energy of the client’s body, I am directed on where to work in the energy field and which holistic energy medicine modality is required.

There is no quick fix for any illness or situation in life. A dedicated commitment to receiving energy body healing will help one to learn how to manage the energy in their body, thus maintaining the best health possible. The more one experiences this type of energy work, the more their body learns how to relax and let go of the unnecessary energies, so new life affirming energy can come in to ‘recharge’ their soul.

Holistic energy medicine will compliment any form of healing, including that of conventional medicine. If one requires anesthetic, chemo or medication, energy medicine healing can clear the body of the anesthetic and lessen the side effects of the chemo or medicine ingested. Energy medicine is especially helpful with pain management, which is good news to those with chronic pain.

The more one receives energy work, the more they become aware of their own energy. This awareness helps them to learn how to manage their energy. Not only will one learn what type of energy they are holding on to, but what energies they are emitting as well.

The energies we emit are a major factor in shaping the world around us and what we attract in our life. Even when we try to be nice, if we are holding anger in our body, it will be felt by others, and they will respond with actions that will cause us to feel and hold even more anger. No matter how hard we try to mask what we are holding inside, it is felt on a subtle level by those around us, and they respond in kind.

We may know some of the energy we are holding, but the energies that usually cause the most harm are the ones that we don’t allow ourselves to feel. When we don’t feel them, we don’t know they exist, and will have no idea that we need to create change in that area of our life. This is exactly why holistic energy medicine healing is so helpful. It will bring the ‘light’ to our shadow aspects.

Don’t wait for illness to begin your energy body healing. Jump out of the ‘pot’ before the water gets too hot!

The Link - March/April - 2010
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli can help one open their awareness and broaden their perspective in life. It is known to open the third eye enhancing ones intuition and psychic abilities. This rich blue stone with shiny gold streaks of pyrite can stimulate communication and balance the masculine and feminine energies assisting in successful relationships. It is known as the stone of truth and friendship, as it assists one in speaking openly and honestly. As it balances the yin/yang energies in the body it also strengthens the immune system, helping one to feel healthy and strong. Lapis Lazuli also helps one to build the power of their mind, promoting wisdom in their life.

For more info see: Lapis Lazuli

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