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2011 Articles By: Valerie Smith

Ki Awareness - April/May - 2011
Moss Agate, Gaia Stone & Tree Agate

As the earth awakens from its long slumber, together this stone combination will help to awaken our inner self, and our awareness of what we want in life.

Moss Agate, a mottled green stone mixed with soft blues, lifts our self esteem, balancing our emotions, helping us to have more clarity in the direction to take.

Gaia Stone, a form of clear Obsidian, shown here as green, is made from volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helen. It anchors our energy to the earth, bringing out compassion for all of life, and a deep dedication to what is important to us.

Tree Agate, a white stone with green tree-like markings, opens the flow of energy through the body, helping us to connect to the natural cycles in life, and to abundance and prosperity.

Each of these stones boosts the immune system bringing vitality and the energy needed to move forward. They also help us to be more aware of the earth, desiring to be responsible to take care of it, and to nourish it as we spend more time outdoors enjoying the continually warmer weather. These stones not only help us attend to our earth gardens, but to our personal inner gardens too!

For more info see: Moss Agate, Gaia Stone, Tree Agate

The Link - March/April - 2011
Hawk's Eye

A family member of the Tiger’s Eye, this shiny stone showing shades of blue streaks over a black background can bring clear guidance in difficult situations. Hawk’s Eye holds a peaceful and healing energy. It brings rays of blue healing energy to heal the physical body and clear negative beliefs. It helps one to walk their talk, as they are now able to see the bigger picture. It will calm the emotions as it helps one to clearly see a new perspective which can be helpful to manifest ones personal goals. Keep this stone with you at all times for best results.

For more info see: Hawk's Eye

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