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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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Using Crystals and Gemstones in Everyday Life

Crystals, gemstones and rocks are a natural part of the earth. They have a very low vibration, one that is useful in healing ourselves. These energies when near us, help us to bring our energies back to a place of balance and healing, if this is our intention. The energy emitted from stones has a scientific term "piesoelectric". This means that they change shape or grow when under pressure or heated. When the stone is under pressure or heated it emits energy and changes shape so minutely that it cannot be seen by the human eye.

The human body has seven major chakras (energy centres), each vibrating at different levels according to the colour related to the chakra. Stones being different colours and mineral combinations vibrate and relate to our different chakras. We can, using our intention, access these energies to help us in our daily life to live in a healthier and balanced way.

Choosing a Stone

The easiest way to choose a stone is to allow your intuition to work for you. Pick one that you feel attracted to. It could appear brighter than the rest, the colour may appeal to you, or you may feel as though it is calling to you. Sometimes the stones literally jump at you. It can be quite amazing how this process works.

You can also refer to a book and choose one according to what energies you are looking for. Or you can simply choose it according to the colour relating to whichever chakra energy you are working with. Synchronicity can also play a part in choosing your stone. Maybe you read, saw or heard about a certain stone many times in a short period of time. This can be a message that you could use this stone or that you could at least look it up and see what it means.

If there is a stone you feel repulsed by, do not just assume it is bad for you. There could be a lesson or healing offered by this stone that your are just not ready for. This is perfectly OK. Never try to force yourself. You may however, wish to read about the stone and see if there is anything relevant to you. Information is always helpful. When you are ready to face this issue, you will already know which stone will be helpful to you.

Clearing and Cleaning Stones

While stones will naturally cleanse themselves over time, they do not have the opportunity to do this if you are working with them constantly. As much as we can benefit from stones, they can also take on our negative energies. Clearing them regularly will enable them to be of the best service to us. You can cleanse stones in the following ways:

• Sunlight
• Moonlight
• Earth
• Water
• Sea Salt
• Energy Work
• Smudge

Sunlight can lighten the colour of the stone if it is left there over a long period of time. Also be aware that some stones cannot tolerate water i.e. Angelite; and some stones do not do well in sea salt i.e. Copper. Therefore, it is best to refer to a crystal book to learn the best care of your stones.

As you work with your stones you will get to know which stones clear best with each of the methods.

Activating the Energy of the Stone

We activate this energy by placing it in the sun to warm it before we use it. We can also use the warmth of our hands or body. When we wear stones in jewellry the warmth and movement of our body will keep the stone activated. Another method is using energy work. Energy follows intention. When transferring the universal energy through a stone using our intention we can access the stones energy much more quickly and on a deeper level.

Charging Stones

Charging a stone is simply setting your intention as to how you would like to use the energies of this stone. You can simply hold it in your left hand against your heart. You can even just use intention as you pick the stone up to use it. Some people like to do a ritual around charging their stones, burning incense, candles, working in a protected circle. There are numerouse ways from very simple methods to very complicated methods. Most books on stones and crystals will have information on different ways of doing this. Again, use your intuition on how you would like to do this. There is no right or wrong way.

Using Stones

There are many ways to use stones. You can wear them as jewellry, carry them in you pocket, or place them near you on a table. You can place or hang them in a window allowing the sunlight to flow through into the room energizing the room. You can place them on your body as you relax or meditate. You can use them while you are sleeping under your pillow, mattress or bed. Or place them beside your bed. If they are non-toxic you can make tinctures. You can place them in your bath water to soak in. You can place them in the centre of the home or room to bring the qualities of the stone into the home environment. In the case of an animal you can glue them on a collar. With small children, place the stones under the mattress or sew them in a toy, as long as there is no way they can actually get at the stone. If the child is old enough you can play with them, letting them handle the stones, picking their favorite etc.

There really is no limit as to how you can use them. Let your intuition come up with the best way to use the stone. The main thing to remember is that energy follows intention. It is your intention that is allowing the energy of the stone to work for you. You cannot use the energy to influence others personally without their permission. But, placing a stone in the environment with the intention of bringing more love into the home is very helpful. As the energy changes in the environment and as you work on yourself, others will be influenced. You can do this in your working environment as well.

Be responsible and use the energies wisely. If you are working on emotional issues, it may not be appropriate to bring the stone to work. Use the stone that is appropriate to what you are working on in that particular setting. If spending the day with the children do not try to bring stones to help you with problems you are having with your spouse. Use stones that would enhance your relationship with your children and or to even let go of worries for the moment. I think you get the picture I'm painting here.

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