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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  


Abalone (Shells & Rims)

  Helps one to release emotions.
Helps one to tap into their creativity.
Helps one to express how they feel.
Especially good for expressive arts.
Can be helpful in bringing joy to one's life.
Brings fruitfulness to one's activities.

Acmite (Also known as: Aegirine)

  Focusing energy for personal & environmental healing.
Powerful energy generator.
Empowers one to be their true self.
Turns negative thoughts positive.
Helps heal relationship problems.
Removes energy blockages.

Aegirine (Also known as: Acmite)

  Focusing energy for personal & environmental healing.
Powerful energy generator.
Empowers one to be their true self.
Turns negative thoughts positive.
Helps heal relationship problems.
Removes energy blockages.

Agate: Black Agate

  Stabilizex the aura.
Groumding stone.
Harmonizes the yin and yang.
Improves consentration, perception, and analytical ability.
Truth speakng stone.
Brings one strength of character .

Agate: Blue Lace Agate

  Promotes peaceful expression.
Assists inner attunement.
Access to higher spiritual spaces.
Balance communication emotions.
Enhances positive thoughts towards health.

Agate: Blue Storm Agate

  Ccan be used as a catalyst for change and reduces stress.
Helps one to find their path, and to stay on it.
Brings calm like the eye of the storm.
Brings relief like that felt following a storm.
Balances the chakras.
Helpful in meditation.
Anchors the spirit and body together.
Releases anger and reduces lethargy.
Holds Goddess and Angelic energy.

Agate: Botswana Agate

  Helps one to look to solutions taking focus away from the problem.
Can be used to help one to quit smoking.
Helps one to take in oxygen.
Can help the circulatory system.
Helps to lessen dizziness, and releases headaches, by helping excess energy release through the crown chakra.
Helpful with depression.
Will increase auric energy.

Agate: Pink Botswana Agate


Agate: Crazy Lace Agate

  Helps one to let go of the ‘crazies’ & feel calm, balanced & happy.
Stabilizes the body’s systems, assisting in the proper flow of energy & function.
Helps one to ground & find the strength needed to get through all obstacles.

Agate: Dendritic Agate (Also Know As: Merlinite)

  Expands ones consciousness.
Enhances spiritual growth.
Can be used to access the Akashic Records
A stone of magic, and can blend the heavenly and earthly vibratoins, allowing the ability to connect to all realms.
A journey stone in a shamanic sense, connecting to the elementals.
A cleansing stone which can enhance the lymph flow.

Agate: Fire Agate

  Helps one connect to their inner flame.
Balances the physical and spirital world.
Helps one to advance spiritually.
Brings clairity.
Enhances ones talents and abilities.

Agate: Leapord Skin Agate

  Connects one to nature and the gifts it offers.
For grounding and strength.

Agate: Moss Agate

  Balances the emotions lifting one's self esteem.
Helpful in communicating with the plant kingdom.
Helpful in growing new crops.
Helpful in accessing ancient wisdoms.
Can be used to treat fungal infections, and to relieve colds, the flu, and internal infections.

Agate: Tree Agate

  Helps one to feel safe & secure even in challenging situations.
Helps one to learn lessons from situations in life.
Brings strength of character.
Connects one to nature.
Can be used to improve the health of any plant.
Helps one to ground & build self-control.

Agate: Turitella Fossil Agate



  Facilitates a balanced emotional state and enhances the rebirth of one’s inner and outer self.
Helps one to manifest in life.
Gives insight to what one needs to learn.
A guardian stone, supports longevity.
Links one to the knowledge of Alexandria.
Brings luck in love & imparts grace & elegance.
Links the heart & mind integrating rational & intuitive viewpoints.
Helps one rebuild self-respect & self-worth.


  Connects to both throat and heart chakras helping one to communicate from the heart.
A soothing stone which calms the brain and nervous system.
It soothes emotional trauma lessening worries and fears.
It blocks geopathic stress; cell phone emissions electromagnetic pollution, and absorbs microwave energy.


  Allows the body to heal itself.
Transmutes negative energy to positive energy.
Creates a connection to our ancestors.
Helps in the art of manifestation.
Activates unconditional love.
Protector of crones.
Calms the nerves.
Has a sunny and bright soothing energy.


  A combination of Quartz, Amethyst and Prasiolite.
Helps one to feel peace, love and compassion.
Helps one to let go of hurts and trauma from the past.
Helps one to live in harmony with their higher self.
A deep healer for the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Opens ones psychic and intuitive abilities.
Instills calm energy.


  Enhances spirituality and contentment.
Changes dysfunctional energy to functional energy.
Brings stability and strength.
Provides peace of mind.
Clears the aura.
Helpful with headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and withdrawal symptoms from any addiction.

Amethyst: Chevron Amethyst

  Stimulates vision into the unknown realms of both within the self and into the exterior worlds.
Clears the aura and dissipates negativity.
Emanates a concentrated energy.
Stimulates one's brighter aspects, helping one to emanate warmth and love within one's being.
Placement on a chakra will release the tensions and energize the area.

Amethyst: Flower Amethyst

  Awakens one’s sensitivity to universal energy.
Connects one’s spiritual truth to their heart centre.
Helps one to search out and bring positive change to their life.

Amethyst: Green Amethyst (Also known as: Prasiolite)

  Helps one to recognize their worth & accept praise from others.
Heals the heart centre.
Eases the difficulty of expressing one’s emotions.
A stone of compassion & connection to the Divine.
Increases one’s healing abilities.
Increases self acceptance.

Amethyst: Pink Amethyst



  Helps one to connect to divine guidance and to take action in order to change their reality.
Helps one to connect their thoughts and actions to their spiritual purpose.
Eliminates fear of success.
Helps one to overcome self-sabotage and procrastination.
Helps one to accept others.
Helpful with weight loss.


  A stone of protection.
It provides one with insight and helps to assist one in seeing the ‘whole picture’.
Grounds and gives stability to it's user.
It encourages ones survival instincts.



Amorphous Shaped Stone


Andalucite (Also known as: Chiastolite)

  Contains St. Andrew's Cross, a symbol of the Knight's Templar, whose mandate following the first crusade was to protect Christian Pilgrims on route to the Holy land.
Brings protection while traveling.
Helpful when at a crossroads and in need of making a decision.
Brings one back to balance.
Helps one to see more than one side of an issue.
Encourages moderation.

Angel Aura (Also known as: Opal Aura)

  Platinum on Quartz.
A crystal of joy.
Purifies & balances all chakras.
Opens a deep state of meditative awareness.
Brings union with the divine through cosmic consciousness.

Angel Shaped Stone



  Allows one to feel the protection of their guardian angles.


  Also known as Black Moonstone and Black Labradorite.
Stimulates, and increases brain function.
Opens intuition, and increases creativity.
Brings interesting conversation.
Used for protection and strength.
Helps one to feel self-secure.
Helpful with learning disabilities and stroke recovery.

Anyolite (Also known as: Ruby in Zoisite or Zoisite & Ruby)

  Helps one to maintain their individuality while connected to the whole of humanity.
Helpful in soul healing and past life work.
Activates the crown chakra.
Increases ones awareness of spiritual energy enhancing psychic abilities.
Will amplify ones energy field.
Helps to heal the heart, increasing ones physical vatility.

Apache Tear

  More gentle form of Black Obsidian.
Comforts one in times of grief.
Helps one to understand the truth of the situation providing insight and acceptance.
Helps one to take on a forgiving attitude and to release grievances against another.
Promotes spontaneity.
Helps to remove barriers which are self-limiting.
Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.




  Can be used to create a connection between the physical and spiritual realm
Can be used to access the akashic records.
Helpful in attuning to one's body as well as the higher dimension life forms.
Holds a reflective aspect to allow the recognition of one's behaviours and attitudes.

Apophyllite: Green Apophylite

  Helps make decisions of the heart.
Stimulates joy.
Creates a connection between the physical and the spiritual realm.
Assists in accessing the akashic records.
Helpful in attuning to one’s body as well as the higher dimension life forms.
Holds a reflective aspect to allow the recognition of one's behaviours and attitudes.

Apophyllite: Pyramid Points

  It helps facilitate astral travel and intuition.
This stone helps one see into the future and the past.
Holds a reflective aspect to allow the recognition of one’s behaviours and attitudes.
Clears and refreshes your eyes

Aqua Aura

  Quartz enhanced with pure gold.
Can be used on all body levels.
Use to cleanse and smooth the aura.
Activates all chakras.
Stimulates personal expression.
Is helpful when channeling.
Strengthens the thymus gland and the immune system.
Frees one from limitations and makes room for new.
Protects one from psychic attack.
Bestows peace.

Aquamarine: Blue Aquamarine

  Calms the mind, clarifying perception, enabling one to respond intellectually and quickly.
Helps one to feel prepared.
Protects the aura.
Brings order when feeling overwhelmed by responsibility.
Use for sore throats and swollen glands.

Aquamarine: Green Aquamarine



  Helps to bring one to balance.
Grounding and relaxing.
Releases anger and stress, helping one to be less sensitive.
Helpful to bring one to a meditative state.
Can be used to warm the extremities.
An earth healing stone, that can be used to heal geopathic stress.

Aragonite: Blue Aragonite

  Helps one to ease inner anger which causes impatience.
Helps one to recognise the source of their issues, turning them into opportunities for growth.
Uplifts the emotions and calms the spirit.
Helps in the manifestation of ones soul mission.
Useful in attracting ones twin flame.


  A stone for spiritual growth creating a clear path ahead.
Awakens one to the Divine Light, anchoring it into reality.
Brings one knowledge & insight of their soul purpose.
High vibrating stone to clear blockages.
Opens ones Third Eye to enhance their intuition.
Clears negative thoughts & emotions.


  Acts as a guide and protector in other realms.
Helps one to stand aside for an objective view.
Helps you to understand your true potential, recognizing you have no limits.
Teaches that a door opens when one closes.
Helps one to understand other's needs.




  Helps one connect to their Goddess energy bringing out the healer in them.
Increases one’s spiritual awareness & growth.
It is a general healing crystal.
Brings through the teachings of Atlantis & Lemuria.
Ends disputes.


  23 minerals in Amethyst
Brings harmony and balance.
Will enhance all other minerals.
Superior for meditation.
Helps one to delve deeper and to transcend higher.
Increases spiritual development and intuition.
Opens ones mind to infinite possibilities.
A great stone for 2012 Energies.

Aventurine: Blue Aventurine

  Will difuse negative situations.
Reinforces leadership skills with communication skills.
Brings the intellect & emotions together.
Promotes compassion & empathy.
Helps one to see alternative perspectives & possibilities.
Calms anger & irritation.
Invites prosperity.

Aventurine: Green Aventurine

  Protector of the heart chakra.
Clears the heart chakra.
Puts motivation in action.
Amplifies leadership qualities.
Brings balance to inner will.
Settles nausea.
Healing energy which instills wellbeing.
Dissolves negative emotions.

Aventurine: Peach Aventurine

  Gently increases the energy of the sacral chakra.
Helps one to connect to their creativity and joy.
Helps one to make decisions.
Helps one to have confidence.
Helps one to feel beautiful.
Helps one to set personal boundaries.

Aventurine: Red Aventurine

  Enhances one’s vitality, creativity, sexuality, mental alertness & prosperity.
It is a “can do” stone, giving one confidence in all they do.
Reduces negative thoughts.
Absorbes electromagnetic smog & environmental toxins.
Beneficial for eczema, acne, rosacea & other skin issues.
Helps the reproductive system.

Aventurine: White Aventurine





  A third eye cleanser, releasing blockages, and old beliefs.
Assists one to connect to their spiritual aspects.
Opens the channels to the spiritual realm.
Brings clarity, truth and deeper insights.
Calms nervous chatter or encourages the shy to speak.
Soothes the emotions from a mental perspective.

Azurite & Malachite (Also known as: Malachite & Azurite)

Azurite & Malachite   Combines the qualities of the two crystals.
Opens the third eye.
Strengthens the ability to visualize.
Brings deep healing at an emotional level.
Cleanses blocks and thought patterns.

A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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