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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  


Calcite: Angel Wing Calcite

  Releases disharmony and negative energy from the body.
Improves one's perceptions helping them to see things in a new way.
Helps one to understand the root of their problem.

Calcite: Blue Calcite

  Helps one to feel peace and acceptance of any change that is happening in one's life.
Soothes the nerves and releases negative emotions.
A gentle stone for recuperation.
Promotes clear communication.
Can be used to filter energy and return it to benefit the sender.

Calcite: Citrine Calcite

  Helps one to feel self-confidence in moving forward.
Releases negative thoughts; bringing in positive energy.
Balances the emotional body.

Calcite: Clear Calcite

  Can be used to detoxify and cleanse the body.
Will cleanse and align all the chakras.
Heals on a soul level.
Helps one to see both inward and outward.
Clear calcite with a rainbow in it will bring about major change and new beginnings.

Calcite: Cobalto Calcite

  Symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness.
Helps one to find their life purpose.
Helps to transfer ideas into action without forcing the pace.
Great for long distance healing.

Calcite: Dogtooth Calcite

  Aids in one's concentration.
Reduces tension and soothes back pain.
Assists in healing and strengthening bones.
Helps one to live their life purpose.

Calcite: Emerald Calcite

  Access to higher spiritual spaces.
Enhances positive thoughts towards health.
Inspires one to change on all levels helping one's self to overcome misfortunes.
Balances the mind, body & emotions, assisting one with inner attunement.
Helps one to understand those around them and promotes peaceful expression bringing them closer together.

Calcite: Green Calcite

  A stone that assists one in change on every level.
Has the energy of a wise friend or counsellor.
Balances the mind, body & emotions to allow change on all levels.
Helps to dissolve old beliefs allowing one to move forward.

Calcite: Honey Calcite

  Helps one to go through the grieving process of losing either a loved one or anything of importance.
Will restore hope where it has been lost.
Has a soothing energy and can be used to help one through any emotional pain.
Has a calming and relaxing energy to soothe your soul.

Calcite: Optical Calcite (Also known as: Iceland Spar)

  Heals the eyes.
Aids in seeing double meanings hidden behind words.
Reduces tension that causes migraines.
Cleanses the aura.
Powerful connection to scorch energy.

Calcite: Orange Calcite

  Helps one with changes in creativity, family and work.
Helps to balance one's emotions especially when experiencing change.
Helps to bring joy into one's life.
Assists in lessening depression.
Can be used to increase one's energy.
Can be helpful with relationship issues.
Helpful in healing childhood trauma.

Calcite: Pink Mangano Calcite

  Connects one to nurturing, unconditional love and support.
Can be used to connect to one's mother.
Can be used to connect with the mother within.
Brings strength and stability on an emotional level.
Helps to nurture love and compassionate feelings within ourselves and others.

Calcite: Red Calcite

  Helps one when making changes relating to their roots, or belief system and when moving away from home.
Helpful in healing physical problems related to not wanting to move forward in life, such as hip and knee problems.
Helps to get energy moving, removing blockages.
Helpful with constipation.
Helpful in alleviating fear, showing one what their fear is.
Increases energy and willpower.

Calcite: Yellow or Gold Calcite

  Stimulates the will helping one to feel relaxed about who they are.
Helps one to focus, enabling a deep meditative state.
Assists in knowing what one wants, thereby helping them to move forward.
Grounds the higher energies into the earth.
Helps one to connect to their spiritual guides.


  Provides a safe place for retreat and to feel emotions.
Helps to dispel apathy and passivity.
Promotes joy in one's life.
Enhances family relationships.
Brings awareness to inner emotions.

Carnelian: dZi Bead (Pronounced Zee ~ Known as: dZi Beed)

  In Chinese, translates as "heaven's bead".
These etched carnelian beads were once believed to possess the power to bring protection, and prosperity.
Made in the fashion of the original beads which were first dated back to 2000 - 1000 BC and were found by farmers in fields of Tibet and the surrounding area.
They were once used as money.

Carnelian: Red Carnelian

  Combats sluggishness.
Invigorates the mind and body.
Warms and energizes.
Provides a safe space for retreat.
Helps to dispel apathy and passivity.
Promotes joy in one's life.
Enhances family relationships.
Brings awareness to inner emotions.

Cat's Eye



  Brings divine energy into the environment.
Heals the aura and promotes purity of heart.
Connects one to the angelic and spiritual realm.
Assists dysfunctional relationships.
Cools emotions, connecting one's intellect with instincts.
High vibration stone.
Stimulates spiritual development.
It is a teacher for the New Age.

Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony

  Balances the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
Symbolizes good will.
Has a nurturing nature.
Enhances generosity and receptivity.
Encourages "brotherhood".

Chalcedony: Pink Chalcedony


Chalcopyrite (Also known as: Bornite or Peacock Ore)

Chalcopyrite   Holds the energy of the Golden Phoenix: out of the ashes flow new beginnings.
Can be used on all chakras.
Especially good to help clear the mind.
Use to let go of what no longer serves, and to bring in new healing energy.
Will lift one's spirits.
Use to begin new projects or direction in life.

Champagne Aura (Also known as: Smokey Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with gold and indium.
Connects & balances the chakras from the Sacral to the Crown.
Helpfull in resolving issues that rival between the spirit, mind, heart & instincts.
Helps fulfill altruistic purposes.


  A spiritual cleanser & purifyer of one’s energy, helping one to transform negative to positive energy.
Stimulates inner vision helping one to follow their path.
Helps one to appreciate the moment with a new perspective.
Healing to the liver, pancreas, cramps, aches & pains.
Can be used for autism & bipolar disorder.



Chiastolite (Also known as: Andalusite)

  Contains St. Andrew's Cross, a symbol of the Knight's Templar, whose mandate following the first crusade was to protect Christian Pilgrims on route to the Holy land.
Brings protection while traveling.
Helpful when at a crossroads and in need of making a decision.
Brings one back to balance.
Helps one to see more than one side of an issue.
Encourages moderation.

Chlorite (Also known as: Chlorite Quartz)


Chrysanthemum Stone

  Stone of Wealth and Honour.
Brings harmony and change.
Brings joy to each moment.
Helps one to bloom and grow on their personal path.
Helps one to renew their relationship.
Brings inspiration and creativity to one's life.
Helps one to be in the moment and enjoy life slowly.
Known as the Chinese Good Luck Stone.


  Helps one to release negative emotions.
Gives one strength and balance in communication.
Helps one to become attuned to earth energies.
Assists in communicating with spiritual forces of the earth.
Gives one an understanding of how the earth may heal itself.
Promotes harmony and produces inner strength.
Helps to regenerate the pancreas and assists in the regulation of insulin.


  Balances the yin/yang energy.
Stone of courage.
Helps one to accept the things that cannot be changed and to change things that can.
Helps one to recognize the trinity within oneself.
Helps to heal a broken heart, enabling one to understand the patterns of growth.
Wear daily at the heart chakra to heal anxiety.

Cinnabar in Peridotite



  Assists in acquiring wealth and personal power.
Stimulates mental focus.
Promotes optimism.
Does not hold negative energy.
Brings balance to inner will.
Enables one to make decisions and act with pure intent.
Man made by heating Amethyst.

Citrine: Natural Citrine

  A rare stone; amethyst that is naturally heated in the earth until it becomes a light yellow to gold/brown colour.
Contains the same properties as man made citrine but has a higher quality & is more powerful.




  Provides a link to the source of all wisdom for one's life work.
Quiets the emotions and brings peace within.
Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.
Helps one to understand and use the qualities of the mystic.


  Use to stimulate the third eye.
Improves one's psychic abilities.
Helps one to know that the proper use of energy can result in "miracles" in one's life.
Acts as a mirror, showing how defective reasoning can lead to problems.
Improves communication.
Promotes a positive outlook.
Has been used to treat cancer.
Reorders cells and purges toxins promoting good health.

Cradle of Life

  High energy agate from Africa connecting one to their source and to their original truth.
Helps one to heal their deepest fears.
Gives one whatever they need in the face of adversity.
Brings comfort and strength to all situations.
One can draw the support of the ancestors when needed.

Crystal Skull

  Provide focus and will amplify one’s thoughts and intentions.
Activates and empowers one's self to attract and manifest what one desires to create and achieve.
Has the properties of the stone it is carved from.

Cube Shaped Stone


Cuprite: Green Cuprite


Cuprite: Red Cuprite


A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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