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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  



  Helps one to increase their intuition.
It symbolizes the moon and helps one to move through cycles.
Also symbolizes the sun providing vitality and sense of "self" during transitions.
Helps one to understand what they are meant to do in life.

Labradorite: Yellow Labradorite


Labrarorite: Velvet Labradorite (Also known as: Violet Hypersthene)

  Helps one to overcome shyness, feel comfortable in social situations, and to stand up for what they believe is right.
Helps one to be in the right place for desired opportunities, and to find solutions.
Increases self-respect.
Detoxes negative energy.
Helpful in facing one's deepest fears.

Lapis Lazuli

  Stone of total awareness.
Strengthens the immune system.
Expands the awareness and intellectual capacity.
Stimulates communication.
Attunes one to their intuitive and psychic aspects of self.
Helps one to speak openly and honestly.
Opens the third eye.
Creates healthy reelationships.
Stone of friendship.


  Radiates love and peace.
Removes self-imposed blockages.
Helps one to go with the flow.
Helpful with bipolar disorders.
Raises one's consciousness.
Helpful to find one's path.
Can be used to heal past life trauma or the heart.
Helps to speak from the heart.
Goddess energy.

Lavender Aura (Also known as: Tanzine Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with indium and gold.
Attuned to the violet flame.
Brings multi-dimensional balance & profound spiritual connection.
Draws cosmic energy into the physical body through to the earth.
Dissolves emotional blockages.

Lepidolite: Pink Lepidolite


Lepidolite: Purple Lepidolite

  Helps one to begin something new.
Helpful in the birthing process or to rebirth.
Dissipates negative energy.
Stabilizes mood swings.
Helpful with bipolar disorder.
Helps one to overcome obsessive behaviours.
Relieves allergies and strengthens the immune system.
Helpful with sleep disorders.
Helps one to transition from this lifetime.

Lodestone (Also known as: Magnetite)


Lodolite (Also Known As: Garden Quartz)

  Lodolite also known as Garden Quartz, Landscape Quartz, Scenic Quartz and Quartz with Inclusions.
Use for meditation, and to enhance ESP.
Helps one to manifest their desires.
Can be used to increase one's spiritual energies.
Brings blessings and strong healing energies, causing an energy shift to promote healing.
Loving and gentle strength.


  Helps one to understand and move through their fears.
Brings the ability to know one’s truth with full acceptance of self.
Strengthens one’s energy bringing them the qualities of life they are looking for.
Heals the heart and soul especially when bullied.
Offers inner peace.

A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

< A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z >

  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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