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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  


Obsidian: Apache Tear

  More gentle form of Black Obsidian.
Comforts one in times of grief.
Helps one to understand the truth of the situation providing insight and acceptance.
Helps one to take on a forgiving attitude and to release grievances against another.
Promotes spontaneity.
Helps to remove barriers which are self-limiting.
Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Obsidian: Black Obsidian

  Helps one to ground with protective energies.
Brings one to their issues to be worked through, providing the tools necessary to do the work.
Increases self-esteem.

Obsidian: Blue Obsidian

  Provides a shield of protection against negativity.
Stimulates the throat chakra assisting with communication.
Enhances telepathic skills.
Can be used to assist in speech therapy, and mental clarity in disorders associated with Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and multiple-personality disorder.

Obsidian: Gold Sheen Obsidian


Obsidian: Green Obsidian (Also known as: Gaia Stone)


Obsidian: Mahogany Obsidian

  Stimulates growth of emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual centres.
Provides vitality to one's life work.
Eliminates energy blockages
Provides relief of tension and pain on all levels.

Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian

  Brings love and light to one's life.
Absorbs negative energy from the aura and stress from the body.
A "stone of pleasure".
Brings gratification and enjoyment into one's life.
Helps one to connect to their spiritual side.
Gentle obsidian energy.
A true "gratitude" stone.

Obsidian: Silver Sheen Obsidian


Obsidian: Snowflake Obsidian

  Helps one to recognize unnecessary patterns and make changes.
Allows one to enter a meditative state with a sensitivity to the powers of the universe.
Stone of purity.
Brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Helps one to let go of old energies which no longer serve.

Onyx: Black Onyx

  Use this stone to align oneself with the higher self.
Helps one to draw the energies needed from source.
Helpful in following one's path and recognizing one's strengths.
Aids in the understanding of reality.
Helpful in wise decision making.

Onyx: Blue Onyx

  Will increase your happiness & contentment in life.
Enhances one’s intuition.
Helps one to change bad habits.
Helps to reduce stress.
Brings balance to the body & mind.
Helps one overcome challenges.
Helps one to focus their mind.
Will help to remove negative energies.
Strengthens self control.

Onyx: Green Onyx

  Brings strength to one's heart.
Helps one to see when it is necessary to give tough love in a respectful way.
Helps one to know what is best for them.
Helps one to make decisions from the heart.
Helps one to forgive past relationships.

Onyx: Red Onyx


Opal: Blue Opal


Opal: Boulder Opal

  Brings purity and intensity to any situation or intent.
Brings emotional and mental balance.
Helps one to make progress in their endeavours.
Brings conscious awareness to the unconscious, assisting one to change their behaviours.
Clears and brightens the aura.
Stimulates healing.

Opal: Dendritic Opal (Also Know As: Old Original Merlinite)

  Expands ones consciousness.
Enhances spiritual growth.
Can be used to access the Akashic Records
A stone of magic, and can blend the heavenly and earthly vibratoins, allowing the ability to connect to all realms.
A journey stone in a shamanic sense, connecting to the elementals.
A cleansing stone which can enhance the lymph flow.

Opal: Fire Opal

  Enhances personal power & protects one from danger.
Symbol of hope & support through emotional turmoil.
Facilitates change & progress.
Helps one let go of the past.

Opal: Green Opal

  Helps one to see and understand their traits and characteristics.
Assists one to camouflage as to fade into the background.
Helps one to understand healthful dietary habits.
Assists in cleansing the body.
Promotes a relaxed state as in meditation.
Assists in maintaining awareness.

Opal: Lemon Opal


Opal: Pink Opal

  A gentle frequency to calm & sooth the emotional body.
Heals wounds of the heart.
Connects one to Angels.
Heals past life issues.
Helps to stop nightmares.
Relieves fear, worry & anxiety.
Stabilizes an irregular heart beat, supports lung & oxygen flow.
Holds cosmic consciousness.
Helps one see from the heart.

Opal Aura (Also known as: Angel Aura)

  Platinum on Quartz.
A crystal of joy.
Purifies & balances all chakras.
Opens a deep state of meditative awareness.
Brings union with the divine through cosmic consciousness.

Orthoceras (Also known as: Pagoda Stone)

  Creates an environment of a temple.
Helps one to connect to the divine with an uplifting of spirit as if a stairway to heaven.
Brings loving peace to one's heart.
Help's one to feel the beauty of life.
Instills an emotional awe.

A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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