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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  


Sacred Seven or Super 7

  A combination of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smokey Quartz.
Can assist one in all endeavours.
Brings awareness to what has remained hidden.
Assists one to understand and to facilitate change.
Can be used for all chakras.
Never needs clearing.

Salt: Himalayan Rock Salt

  When warmed it will freshen the air with negative ions.
Helps create a peaceful, relaxing and healthy environment.

Sandstone: Picture Sandstone

  Helps to build and strengthen relationships of couples, families or groups.
Facilitates movement and change.
Encourages truth and the ability to see and think clearly.
Reveals what is hidden.
Balances ones reality.


  Clears the mind of unwanted thoughts.
Brings joy and peace to one's mind.
Opens the mind to beauty and intuition.
Helps one to focus, emanate and to radiate energy.
Brings the energy of cooperation to the cellular level.



Sardonyx: Green Sardonyx




Schorl (Also known as: Black Tourmaline)

  Will provide protection against negative energy.
Can be used as an energy deflector.
Provides protective grounding.
Helps one to move from being a victim.
Increases self-esteem.
Lessens fears by allowing one to understand them and to move through them.


  Brings joy into the moment.
Brings inner peace.
Helps one to live in harmony with universal law, and flow with whatever life offers.
Brings a fountain of light into the body.
Offers protection from negative energies.
Helps one to stay balanced in moments of difficulty.

Sea Shell



  Helps regenerate the cellular structure.
Can be used to correct skeletal disorders.
Promotes flexibility.
Expands one’s awareness.
Helps one to connect to the angelic realm.
Works on a soul level assisting one to move into permanent change.

Selenite: Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose   Helps to control emotional outbursts.
Helps to release negative beliefs.
Helps to heal conflict of the past, transmuting hate to love.
Helps one to receive as well as to give.
An excellent healer of the earth.
Can be used to grid disturbed earth energy locations.
Enhances love.

Selenite: Golden Selenite

  Helps one achieve the highest level of their Souls Potential.
Opens our higher vibrational chakras all the way through to source.
Grounds us into the Earths core.
Helps one communicate with higher vibrational beings.

Septarian Stone

  A mixture of Calcite, Aragonite & Chalcedony
Helps one to release anger and negativity bringing in joy and happiness.
Helps one to put ideas into practice.
Detects and rebalances blockages in the body.


  Softens the heart.
Connects one to their spirit guide.
Promotes peace in self and the world.
Encourages one to act upon their beliefs.
A totem for invisible guardians.
Increases intuition.
Believed to ease allergies.
Helps one to be attuned to and hold spiritual energy.


  Protects ones vital energy.
Protects one from psychic attack and psychic debris.
Can be used as a catalyst for change, especially to bring joy to ones life.
Helps to connect one to the kundalini energy.
Can be used to balance all chakras.

Serpentine: Jade Serpentine

  Protects ones vital energy
Protects one from psychic attack & psychic debris.
Can be used as a catalyst for change, especially to bring joy to ones life.

Shaman Stones (Also known as: Boji Stones or Moqui Balls)

  Can be used to remove energy blockages.
Can be used to balance the body and energy field.
Effective in healing the aura.
Will increase physical energy.
Is helpful in lessening pain.
Strong healing energy.
Can help one to communicate with plants and animals.



Shiva Eye


Shiva Lingam

  Can be used to create sacred space.
Brings the quickest method of healing.
Holds within both masculine (dynamic expression and knowledge) and the feminine (wisdom & intuition) energies.
Signifies the dualistic energy of creation.


  Shields one from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
Eliminates and absorbs all hazardous energies.
Concentrates and restores all that is helpful to humans.
Useful for pain or illness of any kind.
Is said to purify water.
Is grounding and aids sleep.
Fills the aura with light.
Aids with mystical work, prophecy and psychic protection.
Works well with merlinite.

Skull Shaped Stone

  Provide focus and will amplify one’s thoughts and intentions.
Activates and empowers one's self to attract and manifest what one desires to create and achieve.
Has the properties of the stone it is carved from.



Smokey Aura (Also known as: Champagne Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with gold and indium.
Connects & balances the chakras from the Sacral to the Crown.
Helpfull in resolving issues that rival between the spirit, mind, heart & instincts.
Helps fulfill altruistic purposes.

Sodalite: Blue Sodalite

  Enhances truthfulness in emotions.
Allows recognition and verbalization of one's true feelings.
Provides direction of purpose through letting go of outcome.
Encourages self-esteem and self trust.

Sodalite: White or Pink Sodalite (Also known as: Hackmanite)

  Enhances truthfulness in emotions.
Encourages self-esteem and self trust.

Specularite (Also known as: Specular Hematite)




Sphene (Also known as: Titanite)

  Clears the mind and stimulates the thinking process.
Assists in manifesting one’s dreams and desires.

Sphere Shaped Stone







  Connects to the angelic realm.
Assists in achieving higher states of consciousness.
Provides increased energy to one’s self.
Inspires creation, enhancing artistic talent.

Stillbite: Golden Stilbite

  Stimulates expansion of the mind.
Enhances one’s ability to learn.
Helps one to achieve mental balance.
Assists in restful sleep and vivid dreaming.

Stillbite: Pink Stilbite

  Use to balance and clear the heart chakra.
Spiritually uplifting.
Fills one’s heart with joy.
Helps discover one’s true dreams and desires.


  Reminds us of the power of the heart.
Helps one to call on their guides and angels.
Helps one to ask for help.
Helps one to have compassion for others.
Protects from negative energy.
Calms stress reducing blood pressure & tension headaches.
Helps to prevent food binges.


  Fossilized microbial cyanobacteria, which are a very early life form.
Brings a connection to the essence of life.
Assists with creative endeavours.
Brings resliance and versatility.
Brings steadfast persistance and stability.
Brings healing to the emotional level.


  Provides a connection between the well being of the body and the mind.
Energy flows from the crown to the root chakra, opening chakras and providing a pathway for the Kundalini energy.
Helps one to forgive self and others.
Releases negative energy.
Energy of spiritual love.
Energy of Archangel Michael.
Helps one bring their gift to the world.



Sunshine Aura (Also known as: Tangerine Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with gold and iron.
Opens & heals the third eye.
Deeply supportive for spiritual exploration, visualization & insight.
Helps one be responsive in facing life’s challenges; aligning clarity, insight & perspective with strength.


  Clears and energizes the chakras.
Brightens one's being as if freshly cleaned, good for SAD.
Dissipates fears, calms stress and increases vitality.
Used in the centre of medicine wheels to connect to the white healing light of the sun.
Helpful with sore throats and stomach ulcers.
Brings good fortune.

A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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