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A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  


Tangerine Aura (Also known as: Sunshine Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with gold and iron.
Opens & heals the third eye.
Deeply supportive for spiritual exploration, visualization & insight.
Helps one be responsive in facing life’s challenges; aligning clarity, insight & perspective with strength.


  Helps one to connect to their inner beauty.
Stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras thus bringing together one's psychic abilities with communication allowing visions to be expressed easily.
Can be used to treat skin disorders and to re-align the spinal column.

Tanzine Aura (Also known as: Lavender Aura)

  Quartz enhanced with indium and gold.
Attuned to the violet flame.
Brings multi-dimensional balance & profound spiritual connection.
Draws cosmic energy into the physical body through to the earth.
Dissolves emotional blockages.



Tektite: Lybian Gold Tektite

  Carries powerful sun energy.
A protective amulet for any journey.
Connects one to the ancient wisdom & knowledge of Egypt.
Assists in balancing earth changes & manifesting your will on earth.
Restores depleted life-force energy.

Tiffany Stone (Also Known As: Bertrandite or Opalized Fluorite)

  Increases intuition and ability to receive guidance from higher realms.
Fills heart and high heart with unconditional love.
Helps one to verbalize hidden feelings from deeper issues.
Clears energy blockages from the meridians and chakras.
Increases strength and stamina.
Helpful through life changes.
Will boost business.

Tiger Eye: Blue Tiger Eye (Also known as: Hawk's Eye)

  Calms stress and relieves anxiety, while energizing the physical body.
Aids vision and insight, increasing psychic abilities.
Brings issues into perspective.
Placed on the third eye, aids in travelling to past source of emotional blockage.

Tiger Eye: Gold Tiger Eye

  Brings awareness to one's needs giving courage to do what must be done.
Synthesizes the energies of the Sun and the Earth.
Brings clarity.
Enhances psychic abilities.
Balances the emotions.
Helps one to become practical.
Promotes optimism.
Can be used to attract wealth.

Tiger Eye: Red Tiger Eye (Also known as: Bull's Eye)

  Brings motivation into one's life.
Increases one's metabolism.
Helps one to overcome lethargy.
Increases a low sex drive.
Helps one to know what they should change in their life.
Brings tenacity.
Useful when working out or exercising.
Increases one's energy.

Tiger Iron (Also known as: Mugglestone)

  Hematite and Jasper mixed.
Grounds, centres and protects.
Protects the integrity of the aura from psychic attacks.
Repairs the damaged aura.
Gathers and claims scattered energy.
Reduces stress especially from conflict.
Aids in recovery from anesthetics.

Titanite (Also known as: Sphene)

  Clears the mind and stimulates the thinking process.
Assists in manifesting one’s dreams and desires.

Topaz: Blue Topaz

  Stimulates the throat chakra, helping one to clearly say what one wants to manifest or communicate.
Helps one to clearly see and understand the importance of all things in life.
Assists the body, mind, and spirit to connect with the forces of the universe.

Topaz: Golden or Imperial Topaz

  Will direct energy where it is most needed for healing.
Helps one to understand their path, goals, and the resources needed to achieve these things.
Promotes truth and forgiveness.
Brings joy, abundance and life affirming energy.
Helps one to relax and release negative energy.

Topaz: Mystic Topaz

  Man made stone using Clear Topaz with Titanium.
Brings joy, success, creativity, confidence, & resourcefulness.
Enhances meditation sessions.
Helps one to see their spiritual path & inner gifts.
Promotes higher levels of awareness.
Promotes understnading, trust, appreciation & healing.
Helps one with memory when exhausted.
Relieves anxiety, & calms.

Topaz: Silver Topaz


Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline (Also known as: Schorl)

  Will provide protection against negative energy.
Can be used as an energy deflector.
Provides protective grounding.
Helps one to move from being a victim.
Increases self-esteem.
Lessens fears by allowing one to understand them and to move through them.

Tourmaline: Blue Tourmaline (Also known as: Indicolite)


Tourmaline: Green Tourmaline (Also known as: Verdelite)

  Brings intense healing energy to any site on the body.
Opens the heart chakra and helps one to see from the heart.
Very helpful when studying about and using herbs for healing.
Transforms negative energy to positive energy.
Holds a compassionate masculine energy.

Tourmaline: Mixed Tourmaline (Also known as: Elbaite)

  Use to ground.
Bring healing energy to self.
Enables one to express from their heart space.
Lessens fears and calms anxiety.
Warm energy which is comforting in cold, sterile situations.
Brings Body, Mind and Spirit together in wholeness.
Stimulates the immune system and metabolism.
Enhances of creativity and imagination.

Tourmaline: Pink Tourmaline


Tourmaline: Red Tourmaline (Also known as: Rubellite)

  Helps one express their love.
Brings physical energy and vitality to the body.
Stimulates the root chakra.
Helps with the digestive system, heart, lungs and pancreas.

Tourmaline: Watermelon Tourmaline


Triphane (Also known as: Yellow or Clear Kunzite)

  Assists one in soul retrieval.
Aligns the chakras, restructures DNA and stabilizes one’s cellular blueprint.


  Brings clarity to communication.
Valuable for grounding and protection.
Healer and cleanser of spirit and mind.
Helps the work with masculine and feminine energy.
Strengthens and aligns all chakras.

TV Stone (Also known as: Ulexite)

  A stone of clairvoyance.
Opens the third eye.
Activates latent intuitive abilities.
In meditation it attracts inspiration and unleashes one’s creative potential.
Aids in telepathy.
Accelerates learning and the mental processes.

A to Z List of Crystals & Gemstones
& Their Metaphysical Properties

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  (All of these stones can be found at Peaceful Arts)  

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