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Crystal Jewellry

Wearing crystals help us to maintain the energy changes achieved through crystal healing, as well as promote further healing. Stones have been used since ancient times being worn as talisman and used in breast plates of great leaders. A good example of the healing benefits crystal jewellry can promote would be when wearing an amethyst necklace it can bring peace of mind and a calmness to your heart. Placing an amethyst beneath your pillow will assist in restful sleep.

Sacred Stone Talismans

A Sacred Stone Talisman is created by using Sacred Space to charge a stone with a specific intent or energy. It can be worn as a necklace or carried in your pocket.

This is a permanent charge that cannot be destroyed and can help you to bring changes to your life, by assisting you in holding these energies in your body.

You decide what energy you are looking for and what type of Gemstone you wish to use. I can help you with this if you need.

Consultation if required is $40 + HST
Charging of Talisman is $40 + HST
Cost of Gemstone/Pendant extra.
Cost of wiring stone if needed extra.
You can bring your own Gemstone/Pendant if you wish.


If you are attracted to a specific stone, it will contain healing energy that would be beneficial to you.

Peaceful Arts
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Peaceful Arts
A metaphysical resource and gift shop. Peaceful Arts is located in the beautiful town of Port Hope, near Lake Ontario. We offer many healing services such as Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Work Therapy and Akashic Record Consultations. Our gift shop offers crystals, gemstones, candles, books, music, drums, jewellry, incense, tarot, workshops and much more.

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