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Holistic Services

Valerie Smith has been working with energy healing since 1999. With qualifications of being a Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner, Certified Advanced Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy™ Master Instructor , Level 2 Soundwork Practitioner, Certified Access Consiousness Bars™ Practitioner and an Akashic Record Consultant & Teacher, Valerie can assist you with your healing needs.

Pricing for Holistic Services

• $80.00 + HST per Hour
• $45.00 + HST per 30 Minutes

• $45.00 + HST per 30 Minutes
(A parent or guardian must be present)

Call Valerie at (905) 885 8014 to book an apointment.

Crystal Therapy

• Chakra Balance
• Relaxation & Stress Relief
• Deep Emotional Healing
• Pain Relief (emotional & physical)

Although the term crystal means quartz crystal, in crystal therapy a wide range of stones are used. Quartz crystals, rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, the list goes on and on. Each stone has its own unique energy. For example a rose quartz resonates love, especially self love. When a stone is placed on a body centre like the heart, natural light as well as intentional energy reflect and generate the energy of the stone into the aura clearing and opening it, allowing the energy to enter the chakra centre (heart) touching the purest aspects of our self. This allows mental, emotional or subconscious energies of a lower frequency to surface so they can be healed and transformed. The use of crystals in this therapeutic way helps us to change old belief patterns and to adopt healthier attitudes. When we are in touch with our true self, our inner flame, we can then live our best life.

A crystal therapy session can vary in time from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Crystal Play

This is a fun way to receive the healing benefits of the stones, and to learn a little about yourself at the same time. As you play with the stones, I will share what I see. You will feel relaxed and balanced as well as receive information in regards to what stones will be helpful to you in your life. Your hands will be bathed in a stone bath (no water), while you receive an energy treatment with the stones that are most beneficial for you.

Crystal Play sessions take about 30 minutes.

Aura Balance

Our aura is filled with all the Colour Rays, therefore we all have some of each of the Colour Rays within our being. We also have a primary Colour Ray which relates to our Life Path. I will assess the colours in your aura, and then using energy work along with crystals and stones, bring your aura into balance. An assessment will also be done to determine which life path you are on.

Aura Balance sessions take about 30 minutes.

Integrated Energy Therapy

• Relaxation & Stress Relief
• Renewed Energy
• Release trauma from the cellular memory
• Healing with the Angels

IET was developed at the Center of Being by Stevan Thayer. Working with the angelic energy of nine specific angels at points of the body where emotional energy is stored, IET supports you safely and gently in releasing limiting energy patterns of your past that are stored in your cellular memory. It then integrates positive energy to these sites, empowering and balancing your life now. This is a gentle nurturing treatment, that leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed and renewed.

IET sessions can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Akashic Record Consultations

Within your Akashic Records is the knowledge of everything you have ever done, thought, or felt as well as the knowledge of your potential future. Through these records you can receive guidance and clarity to your Soul's purpose. You can learn where limiting thoughts, patterns and beliefs came from and then work to release them. You can access information to help you with any question you may have about yourself, your struggles, and your goals. During this reading/healing you will receive positive and loving spiritual guidance.

Akashic Record Consultations can vary in time from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


• Relaxation & Stress Relief
• Pain Relief
• Emotional Healing
• Clear & Balance Energy
• Spiritual Healing

Reiki is a Japanese holistic modality which promotes health and wellness of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki means "life force energy". When Reiki energy is facilitated through the body, the relaxation response allows the body to heal naturally. Energy blocks are removed allowing life force energy to flow easily again, nurturing and revitalizing the cells in the body. This gentle and loving energy comforts the soul, helping you to feel your connection to source energy and brings a sense of well-being to your heart.

Reiki sessions can vary in time from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Soundwork Therapy

Lay back and relax as you are surrounded by healing sound as it vibrates through your aura and your being. A stone for each of the chakras is placed on your body, and the vibrational energy of the healing sound will permeate through the stones and your being, bringing healing on a physical level as well as raising your light energy to a higher level. The perfectly tuned sound waves will release any negative energy, allowing your body, mind and soul to heal as it needs.

Soundwork sessions can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Access Consciousness Bars™

There are 32 Bars of of energy in and around the head which stores electromagnetic energy relating to every belief, and thought in your
life which causes every decision you make in your life. When these energies are cleared, many of the limiting beliefs, attitudes and thoughts are released allowing you to choose differently, opening you up to new possiblities allowing you to create the life you want.

These energies relate to all areas of every lifetime, helping to illiminate fears, phobias, anxieties, aches, pains and illness in the body. Each time you have your Bars™ ran, you release more of these limiting energies making space in your life to manifest whatever you
feel is missing from it.

Anytime we have an experience that is traumatic or uncomfortable, we form opinions around this, shutting down our energy to receive, cutting ourselves off from opportunities and possibilities. We literally lose the ability to receive the very things that are of benefit to us, keeping us trapped in a life we do not want.

When you have your Bars™ ran you create space in your energy and
life to choose something different, helping you to feel at peace and renewed!

What is Access Consciousness Bars™?

Access Consciousness is about creating a world of consciousness and oneness. When we are conscious, we are present without judgement. A lack of judgment allows us to be open to everything, giving us the ability to choose what we want from the great smorgasbord of life.

We will be able to choose and receive great relationships with self and others. We will have abundance and prosperity. We will have good health, love our bodies and make decisions and choices that are good for us, easily without fear of making mistakes. We will feel at peace with ourselves and find we can relax easily and sleep better.

A Bars™ Session is a gentle non-invasive therapy with a gentle touch to the 32 points on the head to release all limiting energies held from situations in life creating a negative response. As a result, you will feel relaxed, as if you had a great massage.

Access Consciousness Bars™, empowers you to choose more in your life, encouraging you to ask, "How much better can it get than this?" Asking this question opens you up to receive more than you ever imagined you could!

A Bars™ sessions can take between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.
First Time Session is 1 1/2 hours @ $90.00 + HST
Following Sessions are 1 hour @ $60.00 + HST or 1 1/2 hours @ $90.00 + HST

Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment is more than a healing modality, it reconnects us to our Source, the Divine Web of Life, which helps us to be more consciously aware of the Divine and to use the 5th Dimensional Energy.

An Axiatonal Alignment will:

  • Release physical, emotional or spiritual limitations
  • Clear negative emotional patterns
  • Improve focus and mental clarity
  • Bring deep relaxation and sense of well-being
  • Improve physical mobility & motivation
  • Balance the polarities in the body
  • Shield the energy system from negative energy
  • Help to resolve issues through dreams

Axiatonal Alignment sessions take 30 minutes, or can be added to the end of any other session.

Fusion Therapy

Not sure which session is best for you? No worries, all of the Therapies offered partner well together, giving you the best solution for your specific needs. Valerie can assess your energy and apply the different techniques necessary for your healing benefit. Just relax on the massage table, while soothing music is quietly playing in the background as Valerie facilitates the energy necessary for you.

Pricing for Holistic Services

• $80.00 + HST per Hour
• $45.00 + HST per 30 Minutes

• $45.00 + HST per 30 Minutes
(A parent or guardian must be present)

Call Valerie at (905) 885 8014 to book an apointment.

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