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           Singer Club Badges

In the mid seventies, a badge was created for the newly constituted North American Singer Owner's Club. Based on the UK Singer Owner's badge design, this initial version incorporated the combined red, white and blue colours of the Canadian and U.S National racing teams.

The badge was re-introduced the same year to incorporate specific reference to the North American origins of the club.

For 2002, NASOC member and NEWS Editor Phil Avis undertook a redesign of the club badge. The design incorporated the familiar Singer winged logo place over a meshed background to evoke memories of the pre war Le Mans and Sports grills. The new colours were black and green enamal on chrome.

The green and ivory badge of the UK based Singer Owner's Club was produced in 1981. Both it and the NASOC badges were chrome and enamel covered with a convex high impact plastic surface and produced by Renamel of London. In its current form it is a flat chrome and enamel badge.

The earliest version of the UK Singer Owner's Club badge was initially released in 1951. Designed by Jack Luck, a commercial designer from Toronto, it was originally produced in aluminum to keep costs down. Subsequent versions were made of brass.

In the mid thirties (1936), the new Singer Motor Car Club produced an elaborate winged chrome and enamel badge incorporating the familiar meshed radiator stone guard and surround of the popular Sports and Le Mans models. This badge was reproduced by the UK SOC in 2001.

The Singer Owners Club of Australia has produced a heavy chromed and enamelled 3" diameter badge featuring a Singer Le Mans.

Tha Association of Singer Car Owners in England has produced a solid brass badge for its club members.