Sheena, before and after Adam Stone "adopted" her

If you have any information about our dog, Sheena, or have information about Corey Reddick aka Adam Stone of Umbrella Dog Training, Puppywishes, Bark Temperament, etc. please contact us.

Our story - What happened to Sheena?

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Before Sheena went to Adam Stone's

before Adam Stone


Sheena, a few months after Adam Stone "adopted" her from us.  Note the ribs, protruding hip bones and unhappy look.   See here for closer pictures of hair loss   These photos were not taken as evidence. 

after Adam Stone

A trainer recommended Adam Stone to us because Sheena was aggressive toward other dogs.  We visited  Adam Stone's web site, and saw him on the Discovery Channel - – all of which gave him credibility.   When we consulted him, Adam Stone seemed absolutely confident he could fix our dog if we left her with him.  If Adam Stone could not fix Sheena, then Adam Stone would find a home for her, and we would not have to put her down.  Adam Stone told us  there had only been one other dog he hadn't been able to fix before.   It seemed too good to be true and we were thrilled that we could finally help our dog.

Eventually, we were told by Stone that Sheena was perfect on his farm; there was no more training to be done. This is when he video taped her for his training video.   But when we got her home she was still as aggressive with other dogs, and had also developed aggressive tendencies with strangers, which was never the case before.  We thought that meant that she was aggressive because of us, for we believed Adam Stone.   We did not want to give her up.  But we felt that we were doing what was best for her, by allowing Adam Stone to place her. He called less than 24 hours later to tell us he was adopting her himself.  We were told we could see "our" dog anytime, but that turned out not to be the case.

We  have email communication from Adam Stone of Umbrella Dog Training where he describes the details of her alleged medical condition that explained her condition (after photo above).  We visited her, and were shocked by her condition, but Adam claimed she was recovering from her "illness" despite the fact she was clearly active. But why would we not believe what we were told?

No more than a few months later, allegedly Sheena was suddenly sent out of province for guide dog training. He invited us out to say goodbye, but she was gone before we got there. Adam gave us another dog and then stopped returning emails or phone calls regarding that dog shortly there after. After several months of not hearing from him, he wrote a post to a Yahoo egroup addressed to us that if it weren't for the people who made us doubt him, we would still be a strong part of Sheena's life, and that we were to think hard about that. We would not have known about this post if others hadn't made us aware of it as it was not sent to us privately. Further communication resulted in unfounded accusations including that of our conspiring against him with another person we had yet to meet or communicate with.

Since then, we have communicated with other dog owners who have picked up their dogs from Adam Stone with similar, sometimes worse, symptoms.  This information started to support our worst fear - that we had made a grave mistake in leaving Sheena with Adam Stone. We then consulted several sources about the nature of the alleged condition Adam reported her to have and have encountered several contradictions to the details we were told by Adam Stone.

What we know for sure is that if Adam Stone had been telling us the truth, he could prove to us what illness Sheena apparently had, when she had it, and how she was treated. We have confirmed this with where she was allegedly treated.

So we ask anyone who believes that have more information than we were given by Adam Stone regarding the "truth".  What happened to Sheena?  Is there any proof?  All we want is to put an end to the anguish we have suffered and will not stop until we find out the truth: WHAT HAPPENED TO SHEENA?

If you have any information about our dog, Sheena, or have information about Corey Reddick aka Adam Stone of Umbrella Dog Training, Puppywishes, Bark Temperament, etc., please contact us.


People often don't report problems for a variety of reasons: they want to put a bad experience behind them, they feel guilty, they don't believe anything can change, they are afraid of what will happen, etc. 

Unfortunately, this means the people and dogs to come are vulnerable.  If you have had a problem, don't let it happen to someone else.  Speak out.  

 If a vet has been consulted, demand  to have a copy of the vet documentation for your records and your own vet.  If you can't get the documentation after a reasonable time, call the SPCA.  Never take someone's word for it.


Ontario SPCA Act definition of distress. To report a case of suspected animal distress, call the branch of affiliated society in your area.  Call the authorities if a vet should have been  consulted before a dog has got so thin.  Stress is not an excuse.  A vet should be consulted for fur loss, skin lesions, or any other health issues.    Call the authorities if a dog is not receiving the standard of care that a reasonable person would use.  A dog's behavior problems is not an excuse.

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If you have any information about our dog, Sheena, or have information about Adam Stone aka Corey Reddick, Umbrella Dog Training, Puppywishes, Bark Temperament, etc., please contact us.