Ottawa Regional Cancer Center


Children's Wish Foundation


In the past few years we have seen two veteran Blackfly riders pass away.  The first was Luc David who, after a long fight, finally succumbed to cancer.  Even when it was physically difficult for him and almost anyone else would have given up, he was seen having the time of his life on touring across the country on his bike.

The Second was Cliff Brown who has never been seen without a smile on his face.  Cliff suffered a sudden heart attack.  He had become such a fixture for me at the rally that it will be hard to believe he is not still there.

Both these riders personified our type of riding.  They had an unfailing great attitude and a zest for life especially when faced with adversity.  

In a way I let them choose the charities this year.  Luc's charity is the Ottawa Regional Cancer Center.  While Cliff was involved in the Children's Wish Foundation because of the joy he got from the looks on the children's faces when their wishes were fulfilled.

Again this year we are proud to offer an Aerostich Darian Jacket, for the rider that brings in the most donations for these two charities.  The donation can be dedicated to a specific charity of your choice or you can split it between as you wish.


Peter Hoogeveen

Rally Master