Can you tell me what is wrong with the gas on this bike?

These rules are 1996 Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois. We gratefully acknowledge the IBA's development of these standards.


o must be currently registered and have a valid motorcycle license plate in place.

o must be insured, with a minimum liability of $500,000.

WARNING: we will be checking your vehicle identification number (VIN) against the policy numbers!

o motorcycle must be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation.


Please note that the we do not encourage the use of auxiliary fuel systems and rally has been laid out with fueling provisions in mind. However, carrying additional fuel does allow a rider the ability to make more miles between stops which obviously leads to a competitive advantage for those riders so equipped. The longest known stretch without fuel is 300 kilometeres - your motorcycle should be capable of running non-stop at least

that distance.

If used, auxiliary fuel systems must conform as follows:

1. Container construction must adhere to one of the following types:

o Metal containers are allowed, however, the paper-thin metal containers designed for outboard marine applications are not acceptable

You may use:

o NASCAR fuel cells are acceptable (NASCAR approved must be stamped on the cell)

o IHRA and NHRA approved fuel cells are acceptable (certification of the cell must be stamped on the cell)

o Champion, Fuelsafe, Harwood Industries (903/566-6001), JAZ Products (Santa Paula, California 805/525-8800), Major Engineering (Honda ST1100s 818/309-9470), Summit Racing Equipment (216/630-3030), Tulsa Enterprises (714/841-1767 or toll free at 888/824-6566), are acceptable. Other manufacturers cells may also be acceptable, please call us with the details and we will try and get them certified for use as soon as possible.

o For the Blackfly only you may use a good quality plastic fuel can.

o Primary fuel (main) tank expansion is allowed, however, such expansion must be made of compatible materials and gauge (thickness) of the main tank. For example, adding a large plastic expansion to an aluminum tank is not allowed.


2. Auxiliary tank must be mounted in a secure manner, no movement allowed, no bungee or shock cord allowed.

3. Fuel lines routed to preclude interference with the operation of the motorcycle.

4. Electric fuel pump, if used, must be properly wired and fused.

5. The fuel tank must be properly vented for pressure buildup and overflow.

6. Overall capacity is limited to eleven and a half (11.5) U.S. gallons (sidecar class entries may carry fifteen (15) gallons).

7. Fuel capacity may be measured at any time as deemed necessary by the Rallymaster. However, detailed capacity inspection is usually made prior to the start of the rally or immediately after the rally concludes. All motorcycles that finish the rally may be impounded immediately after the rider checks in at the final checkpoint and cannot be removed from the impound area without the written permission of the Rallymaster.


1. At the start of the Rally, you must produce a valid drivers license (with the appropriate motorcycle endorsement).

2. Appropriate riding gear - helmets are required.

3. Signed acknowledgement of risk (we have a series of release forms that you will be asked to study, sign and return).

4. Signed agreement to allow us to impound your motorcycle at the end of the rally for up to twelve (12) hours to determine fuel restrictions are met.

5. You are expected to act in a sportsman like fashion at all times during the rally. Any attempt at cheating, even to the degree that you do not understand the rules, can result in immediate disqualification. These rules also apply for conduct prior to the start of the rally, during the rally and after the rally has ended without time limit. Should we find several years later about any acts compromising the rally, we reserve the right to change rally results and remove your name from the corporate record relating to your finishing position including all published stories about said Rally still within our control.


1. First Aid Kit.

2. Tire repair kit and method of inflation.

3. A flashlight.



(Additional acts that qualify for disqualification are also noted elsewhere in this document)

1. Failure to render aid to a participant or the public under emergency or life threatening conditions.

2. Acts that discredit the BLACKFLY 1600 (this includes a wide variety of items such as damage to host motel rooms or non-payment of a repair bill

or motel bill at a host dealership or motel, acts that result in negative publicity or image for you or the rally).

3. Acts that endanger the general public, spectators or participants.

4. Discourtesy to Check Point workers, staff or other participants. Please remember that the Rally staff is composed entirely of volunteers.

5. Excessive citations or gross misconduct.

6. Defacing, damaging or otherwise tampering with any rally related item (for example; removing a road sign or altering any identification related item, such as a riders identification towel which may be used for photo bonuses).

7. Carrying more than the eleven and a half (11.5) gallon limit of gasoline at any time during the rally (sidecars fifteen (15) gallons).

8. Having someone pick-up or otherwise help you obtain a bonus item (that includes answers to questions) outside of the intention of the bonus listing and/or Blackfly general rules.


o Excessive speed kills. Remember, while on the Blackfly Rally you are representing motorcycling. The Blackfly is a rally, not a race. Excessive speeding will not be tolerated.



o The Blackfly 1600 is designed to be a test of competitor and machine. Swapping motorcycles during the rally will cause the competitor to lose ten thousand (10,000) points. Additionally, you may not replace your motorcycle in order to gain a mileage advantage.

o If you are easily shocked, then stay at home!

o There may be a short hike required to collect some bonuses. If that represents a health problem, please contact us as soon as possible.