Instant Certificate Maker     FOR COLD CHAIN HARDCOPY PROOF
No Computer Required!

Put this $30 digital temperature
button logger
with your shipment.

After shipment, put the button on the
printer and
press the pushbutton!

Obtain a precision, time stamped printout, and certify it with a signature.
Consider For: HACCP, Storage or Transportation of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cold Chain Assurance
Eliminates The Computer: No computer, no software, no hassel.
As this system eliminates the use of a computer, it can be used by more kinds of personel, in more kinds of
environments. It is quick, simple, efficient and standardized. This logging method provides all the data required
without the need for computer processing. Just about anyone can use it successfully. Quick, hassel free reports
are generated by anyone who can press a pushbutton.
Make a certificate at shipping/receiving docks. ...just press a pushbutton.
Print a daily report of vaccine refrigerator temperature ...just press a pushbutton.
Print a weekly certificate of cold room and cooler temperatures. ...just press a pushbutton.

What a system costs:

The digital logger button is priced under $30USD, and the Reader is $189. You may choose various types of
printers that meet basic interface requirements. These printers, such as HP DeskJets, are available worldwide
at prices as low as $80. This is all you need to use this superior method of cold chain reporting.

Rick Hoffman of Photologic Ltd.
will be happy to answer your questions.
You will like this system because:
No computer is ever required. so almost anyone can use this system.
The single page hardcopy printout can be easily be shown to people.
The printout accepts a handwritten signature to become a certified document.
The print format is fixed, so that it is a standard, and can be interpreted easily.
The printout can be faxed, photocopied, stored in filing folders or mailed.
You can re-use the button over and over, ...just press a pushbutton to reset it.
You use commonly available, worldwide, "select HP DeskJet printers".
The logger is armoured stainless steel construction, for harsh environments.
The whole system is affordable for even the smallest sites.
A simple PC reader is available if computer archiving or analysis is required.
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