Centronics adapter for Zebra Label Printer

Do you need Centronics connectivity of your Zebra printer to the HP JetDirect print server?

The Photologic Model CS-Z Adapter is a hassel-free way of connecting the HP JetDirect
to the serial interface of the Zebra printer.

Serial Connector On Printer:

  The Model CS-Z is designed to work with the fast IEEE-1284 port of the JetDirect.
...its compatibility is guaranteed.
...you don't have to waste time gambling on the performance of other generic type adapters.

The Model CS-Z plugs onto the JetDirect without any intermediate cables or
gender changers, ...you don't have to waste time procurring and testing generic cabling.
The Model CS-Z connection keeps the installation simple and reliable.


The serial connector is wired to support most configurations of
the printer, there is rarely any need to spend time adjusting pins and
configuring the printer.

The Model CS-Z has been the choice for large installations involving
more than 50 printers.
  * Compatibility To HP JetDirect Centronics Mode Is Guaranteed.
  * No Extra Cables Are Required.
  * Short Cables Locate the Server Close To The Printer For A Tidy Installation.
  * LED Indicators Help Monitor Operation.
  * Baud Rates: 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K, 57.6K Baud
  * Pre-Configured When Shipped To 9600 Baud, 8,N,1, Xon/Xoff , No Pin Adjustments Required.
  * Photologic Will Help You Step By Step If Installation Help Is Required.

For ZebraNet Printserver II:
For connecting ZebraNet Printserver II to a Zebra printer with serial interface:
choose Model CS-ZN $225
see Model CS-ZN



Other versions of Model CS serial adapter are available for such

printers below:
* Datamax Label Printers (eg. Prodigy Max)
* Intermec Label Printers
* Fargo Label Printers
* HP Plotter (eg. Draftpro, DraftMaster)
* Houston Plotter
* Genicom (1,000 lines/minute)
* Dataproducts (1,000 lines/minute) Lineprinter
* Digital Equipment DEC LG01, (600 lines/minute) Lineprinter
Price:      $225.00 U.S.
Shipping: $33.00 by UPS Overnight to U.S. destinations

Photologic Ltd. ships by UPS Overnight to many international destinations 
                 If you're moving a lineprinter to your new system then you'll want to know about our adaptors.
                     Photologic adapts all sorts of lineprinters equipted with unusual or exotic interfaces.
                                            Please inquire.

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