Model DC-1 Dataproducts To Centronics Interface Converter
Converts The Centronics Interface On High Speed Lineprinters To Dataproducts Style Interface

Allows you to replace your older lineprinter with a new
impact or laser printer using the more common Centronics interface.

- Installed On 2,000 Line/Minute Impact Printers And Non-Impact Printers Up To 90 pages/minute.

Dataproducts Parallel DB50 50 Pin Connector

- Centronics Parallel
- 36 Pin Male Connector

- No software is required.
- No adjustmets are required on the printer

1. Remove from the shipping box and plug onto the printer.
2. Plug in the 9 Volt DC Power Adapter.
3. Connect your Dataproducts printer cable to the Model DC input
and begin printing.
-Laser Printers May Require Set Up To Format The Number Of Print
Columns, And Lines/Page.

The Model DC-1 may be used with such minicomputer systems such as:
Digital Equipment VAX, Data General MV, Prime, Honeywell/Bull/Wang, and custom systems.
High Speed Lineprinters Over 300 Lines/Minute may include :
Fujitsu, Genicom, Hitachi, Dataproducts, Mannesmann-Tally,
OTC, Printronix,
Laser printers Over 20 Pages/Minute may include :
Kentek, Dataproducts, Hewlett-Packard, Mannesmann-Tally, Genicom, and others

Price: $625.00 USD
Shipping: UPS Overnight to many international destinations

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