MiniTemp Temperature Logger Evaluation Kit

Windows Software     Reader with Temperature Logger
Plastic Fob Plastic Mount Stainless Steel Clip

Have you been interested in this fantastic temperature logger, and want to try it?

This kit will allow you to use the Temperature Logger Button in all kinds of applications.
What is a MiniTemp Temperature Logger?

View temperature history in all sorts of
applications. We've made this software
about as simple as can be. Just about anyone
can use it.

The software is basically just one screen.
A plot of the whole memory is displayed
all at once, with full temperature scale.
You can see everything at a glance,
including the full temperature range.
No scaling setup or interpretation is involved.
The layout is consistent, and
easy to get familiar with.

A "Quick Print"
pushbutton immediately
prints out a precision

You can see both Fahrenheit and Celsius at once .... no conversion settings.
Move the mouse pointer anywhere on the graph to display the temperature, time and date ....very convenient.
Rollover data is also displayed (red pen) along with new data, so you'll always be able to see the most recent 2,048 readings.
The user presses the Quick Print pushbutton, to obtain a precision drawn printout automatically, without any setup.
. .....The printout shows 0.5 degree resolution, and all 2,048 samples on one page.

You can save your data to an Excel file:

Program Screen: "Restarts the Logger"

Cool abstract background

Program a Mission Name label into the
MiniTemp Logger for easier identification.

Set the Logger clock.

Program sample rates from 1 to 255 min.

Set Rollover ON or OFF



The reader comes with a 4 foot cable that plugs into the COM1 or COM2 serial port of your PC or Laptop .
No power supply is required.

You can extend the cable distance to control and read the MiniTemp Temperature Logger 300 feet from your PC using
plain PC serial cable.
- Locate the reader remotely in coolers, equipment in other rooms, or outdoors.

You can also record On/Off
status of equipment and
machinery by detecting small
temperature steps when
equipment is powered ON.

See Examples

This is an excellent kit. It is ideal for evaluating the MiniTemp Temperature
, and having a lot of fun. W
e can ship the MiniTemp Temperature Logger ,
already started, so when you receive it you can view the temperature history of
the shipment by UPS .

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