Hardware solutions to assist in:

     Paperless Printing. 
                   Rescuing print data from a legacy system.
                                   Making back up records for FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Log printer data from all sorts of legacy printer cables with unusual  or exotic connectors.
Interface to Minicomputers: Digital Corporation, Data General, IBM RS6000,  Prime, MAI, Unisys, McDonnell Douglas,
    NCR, Citrix,  AT&T, Nixdorf, Qantel, Tandem, and more.
Capture data from system printer cables: Dataproducts, Genicom, Fujitsu M304x, Centronics, Tally, Printronix, 
    TI, Xerox/Spur, C.Itoh, Harris, Hitachi .
 Capture data from smaller printers or alarm printers such as Okidata, Epson, Panasonic.

Some legacy printers may include:
- Digital Equipment LP26, LP27, LP29 - Fujitsu Band Printers M304X
- Digital Equipment LP37, LG01, LG02 - Data General Band Printers
- Hitachi FP 2,000 LPM - Dataproducts B600, B1000
- Genicom Centronics Linewriter LW855, LW1255 - Dataproducts BP1500, BP2000
- Genicom 4410, 4440, 4470, 4490 - Dataproducts LM615, LM1015, LM1515
- Printronix P-Series, P300, P600, P6240, P6280 - Dataproducts LB Series, LB615, LB1015
- MAI - IBM 6262, 6408
- Mannesmann-Tally - C.Itoh C.I.E.
- NCR Bandprinters 400 LPM, 800 LPM - AT&T Band Printers
- McDonnell-Douglas - Honeywell/Bull Band Printers 1,500 LPM
- Bull 6090 Magnetographic 90 pg/min. - Nipson 90 page/minute
- Hewlett-Packard Line Printers - Hewlett-Packard 2563, 2564, 2567
- OTC - Digital Compaq Line Printers
- Prime Band Printers - Fujitsu M3041, M3042, M3043
- Centronics - Calcomp Plotters
- HP Plotters Draftpro - Houston Plotters
- Datamax Label Printers - Intermec Label Printers
- Zebra Label Printers - Eltron Label Printers
Photologic Ltd. offers assorted interface adapters and flash memory capture hardware to help you modify your printing system. 
You may wish to collect databases from legacy computer systems, or perhaps make backup print records for quality assurance 
mandates.    Many sites wish to replace their alarm log printer with a virtual printer that can be read electronically without paper. 
Please consider some of our hardware solutions. We make specialty interface and print data recording devices.

Some print capture configurations.

Eliminating Serial and Parallel Interface Printers
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