Direct To Printer

 Dime sized digital logger.   $30

No Computer Required.
Can Be Used By Non Technical Staff.
Less Than $30 Logger Price.

This dime sized logger will record days of temperature history. Place it where you want, and read
out the results later using a select HP DeskJet printer.     No computer is ever required.
This is for busy people who don't have time to deal with computer setups.
1. Place logger button in package.
2. Later,  move the logger button to the printer station.

Press the pushbutton !

Obtain a precision printout with just one  press of a pushbutton.   See the results of your
project about a hundred times faster than using a computer.   Get your results fast, and move on
to your other work.
Advantage Of Hardcopy:
The printout is a valuable hardcopy validation of temperature history that can be easily shown to
people.  It can be faxed,  photocopied, stored in filing folders,  or mailed.    It can be certified
with a persons hand signature. 
Standardized Format:
It is printed in a standard format so that its features are always familiar, and constant.  Computer
tampering is lessened as no computer is used, and human ability to modify the format or data is
This system may be considered for:
 Food Processing & Shipping
 Scientific Labs 
 Weather Reports
 Pharmaceuticals & Biologicals 
 Building Heating & Cooling Systems
 Trucking Industry
 Cold Chain Validation & HACCP 
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