RS232 Serial Data Recorder

Instantly taps into systems without causing wiring hassles.

Model TG Serial Data Recorder is exceptional as it does not require any flow control
handshaking.  It merely listens to data on one signal line only.   Thus it can be connected
without hassle to a live running system by tapping into the cable using just 2 wires (Data and Ground signals).

Stores 2GB of data on common and inexpensive flash memory cards.
Baud rates: 300 to 115.2K baud.
Time Stamp feature for intermittent captures
Dual Channel can record TX and RX dialog in half duplex (eg. record the command, then the response).
T-TAP accessory allows you to tap into RS-232 cables without any rewiring or soldering to route signals.
Powers up and automatically begins recording where it left off.
Creates RECORD.TXT file on memory card



Scope of 2 Gigabyte memory size:
1. The 2Gigabyte capacity can record a constant stream of text data at 9600 Baud for approximately 24 days.
(eg. A generic text printer running non-stop for 12 days). 2. You can record 1,000 byte bursts of data every 5 minutes for 6,944 days.


Use T-TAP9 (DB9) or T-TAP25 (DB25) accessory to quickly tap into working systems without having to rewire signals.
Just plug in T-TAP and then the recorder can be attached or removed, or powered down without disrupting the live system:

T-TAP is available as 9 Pin or 25 Pin

Plugs into your existing cables.
No soldering or rearranging of signals is required.
Keep your existing system running as


Application equipment includes:
Weather stations
Scientific Instruments
GPS Units
Weigh Scales & Balances
POS Systems