Model SR Serial Recorder

Data Acquisition Instruments
Computer Communications

This stand alone device simplifies RS232 serial data capture. It
uses just one control knob to set and view modes. Its small
size and battery feature, makes it portable for field use.

Model SR Serial Recorder stores data faster than the input
rate, so no complicated serial flow control handshaking is
The 256 MegaByte Capacity can store a
continuous data stream at 9600 Baud for 74 hours .

6 position Dial Control, clearly indicates operating mode.
Record and playback support separate baud rates.
No software required.
AC Wallmount Adapter or 9 Volt Battery operation.
Memory is saved when power switch is off.

Model SR256 256 MegaByte internal non-volatile memory.

Our newest version Model TG is meant to 
replace Model SR256 and Model SDX

Model TG

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