For Palm Developers: Beginners or Advanced
IrDA™ Interface Adapter For Non-IrDA Printers


Develop an application in one night not months.
If you're uneasy about supporting infrared printing in the applications you develop, then consider this solution.
This is a simplified way to print to all sorts of printers big or small: lasers, inkjets, dot matrix, ticket printers, receipt printers, label printers, and special printers.
...printers that do not have IrDA capability.

For Most Late Model Palms
Error Free IrDA™ Compliant
Thousands Of Printers To Choose From
Code As Little As A Few Lines In Your Program

This example shows how easy you can add IrDA™ printing to your application:
1. Choose a printer:
Prerequisites are: Parallel or Serial Interface

2. Connect IrDA Interface Adapter:
Photologic Model IR-P for parallel interface, or Model IR-S for serial interface

3. Install in your Palm a 3rd Party IrDA Software Driver that uses IrCOMM :
Example: SCSPrint.prc or PalmPrint.prc (StevensCreek Software $19.95 U.S.)

4. Choose Development Software:
Example: NSBasic (for very quick development, even for beginners)

5. Write this code in NSBasic:

          Sub  PalmPrint(PrintString as String)
                   Dim CardNo as Integer
                   Dim LaunchCode as Integer
                   LaunchCode= 32768
          End Sub

          'attach this code to a button to print:
          Call PalmPrint ("Hello World!")                      That's it!
Alternative: Do you need to print without using 3rd Party Printing Software?

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