The Photologic IrDA Adapter uses error free IrDA compliant components for IrCOMM communication. This is a

part of a very sophisticated stack protocol that is not normally programmable by an average developer. But it
can easily be supported on the Palm OS by using 3rd party software. An example supplier is Stevens Creek Software.
The product is called PalmPrint.

PalmPrint/SCSPrint from Stevens Creek Software:

SCSPrint is the lite version of PalmPrint. It is very inexpensive at approx $19.
You install PalmPrint as PalmPrint.prc application, then make a simple call to it from your own
program whenever you want to print... eg. call PalmPrint("Hello World!") Very simple!
You can generate control characters and escape sequences too.
When your user installs your developed program .prc, a copy of PalmPrint.prc has to be installed as well.

Palm Compatibility:

You require an IR port. Most Palms have an IR Port.
For this example using NSBasic development suite and PalmPrint IrDA driver from Stevenscreek Software,
you may use Palms with OS greater than 3.0 which includes the Palm models released over the last few years:
Families: Palm III, V, VII, m100, m500, Tungsten T.