Model SV
Serial Number Viewer
Instant Readout 
on LCD Display
For Dallas/Maxim Serial Number iButton 1990A
Packaged For O.E.M. and Resellers
Product packaging and pricing is geared for
O.E.M. or volume users.  
 Used for organizing type 1990A serial number
 keys  in an environment without a PC.  
 Provides a way to obtain the serial number if
 a PC is not available and the engraving on
 the 1990A case is worn off.

        Choose 12 digit basic serial number display
        or 16 digit serial number with Family Code
        and CRC value.
  - Stand Alone Unit With LCD Display
  - Displays 12 or 16 Digits with Family Code
  - Front Panel Labeling Of Company Logo

The unit is shipped with a plain or with a 
customer logo front panel.

The Model SV is a self contained system.
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