Gas absorb by plastic helped by baking flax oil
    Many plastics can absorb a great volume of air or CO2 if they are helped by
baking flax oil.
     I have tried with a liquor bottle of 2 litres for air and CO2,
first i have filled the bottle with water for evacuate the inter gas,then after i
have evacuate the water in the bottle for enter the air,after this i have put in
100 ml(millilitres) of baking flax oil (and this can be buy in trade),(i have put the
plug for close the bottle).
      After about 2 days,the plastic have absorbed the air and the atmosphéric
pressure crush the bottle.About 300 ml of air is absorbed by plastic.
      I have also tried the CO2 and this gas is also absorbed by plastic
(after about 2 days,they are about 300 ml of C02 absorbed by plastic).
      If the gas is under pressure(a little more that the atmosphéric pressure) then
the plastic absorb a little more of gas and if the plug is removed,then the surplus
absorbed gas is removed.
     If we use many tubes in a hard cylinder,then we get very much absorbed gas
(and the baking flax oil is easy to removed after the tube have absorbed gas).
     According to me, the cause of absorbed gas is the same that the active
poder of carbone,it is a aréa phénoménon.
     I hope that méthane gas(CH4) wil be also absorbed by plastic helped
by baking flax oil.