Dark énergy  (annex 3)
                  The first part of my version of dark énergy is give by this web address:
                  The second part(that is the annex 2) of this version is for show that energy for all contributions of contracrion zone is really enoug to
explain the Universe expansion,this part is give by this web address:
                                                       a important phénoménous in nature is the variation of the following ratio:
(sphere'area)/(sphere'volume) = 3/R  where R is the ray of the sphere,then this ratio variation is as 1/R .
  The pressure at the exit is then increased as 1/(1/R)  or R , as the strengh and accélération at the exit as the same variation et for this
we can found the mathématical équation for the dark énergy accélération.
                  If dea is the accélération because the dark énergy and if ga is gravitational accélération and if Rcritical is the critical ray where
dea is équal to ga then about to Rcritical:
              dea = (constant)(Rcritical) = GM/(Rcritical)^2 = ga
                       (constant) =GM/(Rcritical)^3
then dea = [GM/(Rcritical)^3](R)
      We can then know the accélération total, and if  Atotal is the accélération total then:
      Atotal = dea - ga
      Atotal = [GM/(Rcritical)^3](R) - GM/R^2
        If R is more little that Rcritical then Atotal is négative and the total accélération is toward the center of the cluster of galaxy,
but if R is more great that Rcritical, Atotal is positive and the total accélération is toward the exit of the cluster of galaxy.
       Try R for particular value:
        if R = 2 Rcritical then dea/ga =8
        if R = (Rcritical)/2 then ga/dea = 8
  But the précise value is next Rcritical and for R much more great that Rcritical the sum of contribution of all contraction zone(cluster of galaxy) can
anayway help for précise value and for this the Hubble'constant is a good indication.
     The more important is that équation help us for a général idéa.