Dark énergy 5    (annex 4)
                                          Continuation of darkenergy4
                          I would like do know a correction with this web address:
                    Also when i had estimated the radius to the Universe to 30 billions light years, i had forgotten to consider the
expansion zone,and because of it by example, if the Universe is 8 time more great if we consider the expansion zone,then
the radius of the estimated Universe wil be 2 time more great[2=(8)^(1/3)] , but if the Universe is 4 time more great whit the expansion zone,then the radius of the Universe wil be (1.5874)more great[1.5874=(4)^(1/3)], or:
(47.622) billions light years.
                                         Now i understand more the process that do a différence of the space density between the
contraction zone and the expansion zone, we must do the tie betwenn the Casimir effect and some physic quantum notions,
that i had already saw in some forums , i explain this notions:
    The space is néver all empty, it is form from particles and anti-particles that sporadicly appear and when a particle and
a anti-particle meat one other then a wave appear. Then the space would dépend of the sporadic relation wave-[particle-anti-particle] .
            Now do the tie between this relation and the Casimir effect,
in the empty space between to plate,there is particles and anti-particles that can meat one other and form a wave of some
lenght, but if we bring one to other enough the 2 plates for the lengt in the to plates is more litle the lengt wave formed by the
meet of the particle and the anti-particle ,then this wave wil be not generate, as all the other waves that have a lengt more great than the lengt between the 2 plates.
                                But here it is only the relations[particles,anti-particles,waves] that are affected, but ther is a all also important density potential between the 2 plaques and this is important for understand the tie whit the galaxies collapses;
      on a French forum, i have already explain how we can do the tie between the Casimir effect and the matter for explain
the gravitational effect(it is not nécessary to write this here), and here the tie whit the galaxies collapses is do as this:
                      at some time after the galaxies come near from one to other,the space that was in a galaxies cluster that
 wil be after out of this galaxies cluster , wil be (more) out of the matter influence, and more particles and anti-particles wil
can form waves and do a good relation to make a more great pressure between the contraction zones(galaxies clusters).
Also we must not forget that the galaxies are a émit source d'atoms and waves and why not particles and anti-particles.
                      This do that my équivalent system of a différente density zones is good , i repeat it is a équivalent system.