Dark energy 7 (annex 6)
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      Now i know that the galaxie in galaxies cluster have begin to come more near (each other) before 6 billions years
(according to a web page that i have already give,the current acceleration for the Universe expansion have begin there
is about 6 billions years), because for bebin come more near ,the Universe expansion must stop ,because the gravitational energy(by unit mass) vary as the kinetic energy(by unit mass), at this time the galaxies have begin to form
galaxies cluster, but there is a some time before the induce strength of the bringing together galaxy come more strenght that the gravitational strenght between the galaxies cluster, and i am not able to tell how is this some time,
also for this some time the Universe has know a collapsing begining.
 Notice that the space in the contraction is not in contraction, but the space in expansion zone is in expansion.
    Here a picture and a web page of the Zwicky 18 galaxy ,this one woul be formed by a galaxy collision :