After test, the constant in the accélération équation of the dark énergy : dea = (constant)R  has been not well comparated to the
Hubble constant;
                after correction:
(constante) = [(GM/(Rcritique)^3] = (H)^2
                            all was be correct , except it was nécessary to remove the 2 before (H)^2 , this because i have been unprécise when
i have comparated this constant whith the Hubble constant, it was rather nécessary proceeding  in regard for accélération for dark énergy
(dea) as being the dérivative of a speed by the time , or :
(dea) = d(V)/dt = d(HR)/dt = H(dR/dt) = HV
(dea) = HV = H(HR) = [(H)^2]R
(dea) = [(H)^2)]R = (constant)R
            (H)^2 = (constant)
(constant) = [(GM)/(Rcritique)^3] = (H)^2
               Then, now the estimation of the number of galaxies in a mean contraction zone whit use of this constant is almost the same that
the one do whitout this constant, the différence being lest than 2% ,(471 000  estimate whit this constant comparated to 463 000 estimate
whitout this constant).
              And the density that i had estimate (whit this constant) for the mean contraction zone must be also divided by 2 ,this is :
d = (2.115)(10)^(-26) kg/(m)^3
d = (2.115)(10)^(-29) kg/(dm)^3
d = (2.115)(10)^(-29) gr/(cm)^3
                                              Do not forget that this density is more important than the mean density of the Universe.