Ether wind
I know a méthod for évaluate the Éther wind ,it is a other méthod that the one of Michelson Morley expériment with their interférometer,
i sugest first to use a laser betwen two mountain summit in west-east way,at midday or midnight and wait at least six hours and notice
the incline of the laser.
      I suggest a paint métallic sheet with a hole in the center that let past the laser very tight and notice the position of the laser some hours later ,notice this after each hour for a day .
      We can use also two mirrors with many laser reflections ,each mirror is on a mountain summit ,the number of relections multiply the incline of the laser.
  The law for the incline laser is :
          sin(Q) = V/C
                              V  is the speed of the Éther wind , C is the speed of the light ,Q is the incline angle of the light(laser)
The displacement of the laser on the métallic sheet is give by X in the following équation(notice that d is the distance between
the métallic sheet on a summit and the thing that émit laser on the other mountain summit).
     X = (d)tang(Q)
If two mirrors is use and there is many réflections between the two mirrors and if N is the number of réflexions ,then the total
displacement of laser is N multiply by X , or :
       N(X) = N(d)tan(Q)