Lightning equation

Given that I heard the thunder 9 days after checking my equation that unifies the fields with

the lightning data that I found on the Internet, I decided to take this into account and write a single constant for an equation that can represent the link between three values often used to evaluate the importance of lightning, for I note that the figure 9 corresponds to the exponent of this constant, then using my equation which unifies the fields, I can therefore write an equation which represents the tension of the lightning (in Volts) as a function of the ratio of the lightning current (in Amperes) to that of its speed (in meters per second), the proportional constant being;

constant = 18(10^9) (T) (m ^ 3)] / [(S ^ 2) .A], T for Tesla, m for meter, S for second, A for Ampere,


voltage = (constant) [(current) / (speed)

voltage (which triggers lightning) is expressed in Volts, current (of lightning) is expressed in Amperes, speed (of lightning) is expressed in meters per second

constant = (18 (10) ^ 9) [T (m ^ 3)] / [(S ^ 2) .A]

T for Tesla, m for meter, S for second, A for Ampere