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MINDTech Inc. is a corporate entity aimed at developing computer-aided education computer programs for targeted programs in colleges and universities. MINDTech designs, develops and sells computer programs for specific curriculum courses. Computer programs are targeted at the Macintosh computer (OS X, some to be targeted to Java and OS-independent), particularly for the ease of use and the graphical rendering on that computer. MINDTech also programs iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad applications (see below). MINDTech has developed computer programs for specific needs in operations research and operations management. A toolbox for teaching and showing operations management to students is also available consisting of a plant simulation software, a forecasting software, a master production scheduling software and a material requirements planning software. A tool assisting in product creation exists showing for example the product's bill of material.


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MacOSXLinPro icon
MacOSXLinPro / 3.3
Easy to use linear programming engine solver using the simplex algorithm as well as an integrated Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver. As shareware.Mavericks


Probabilities iconProbabilities v2.0 is available on App Store and is iOS 7 compliant as well as universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. It computes probabilities according to different probability laws. User selects one of the discrete and continuous laws then enters the parameter values using the keypad provided. Tapping outside keyboard will get off parameter fields. A graph of the distribution is also produced. The calculation results and the graph can then be emailed directly from the iPhone.Available on AppStore
iSolveModel iconLooking for a mathematical model solver running on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? This is iSolveModel v3.5 (iOS 7 compatible), an easy-to-use linear programming optimizer running on iPad as well as on iPhone and iPod Touch and using the simplex algorithm method (with pivot) or a MILP (Mixed-Integer Linear Programming) solver engine. The purpose of this application is to provide a linear programming solver for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch community as well as for students and teachers, particularly for those in Operations Research / Operations Management / Industrial Engineering or related courses (college/undergraduate students).

  • Now supports mixed-integer linear models (0-1 and/or integer decision variables)
  • Up to 50000 decision variables and constraints (virtually limited by the device memory)
  • Sensitivity analysis reports on variable coefficients and right-hand side
  • Documents can be transferred via iTunes File Sharing
  • Mathematical models and solutions can be sent by email
  • Model documents are text files, no proprietary format
  • Solution documents as HTML
  • Supports all iPad orientations
  • Supports external display on first gen iPad

  • Benefits:
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use modeling, models are like the ones in textbooks
  • Fast learning curve
  • Available on AppStore
    iSolveFlowShop iconThis is iSolveFlowShop v1.4, a computational app solving the flow shop problem encountered in Operations Management: many orders have to be sequenced on multiple consecutive machines. Data consist of operation times of each order on each machine. Problem is which best sequence of orders will minimize the makespan, i.e. the total time needed to process all orders. Algorithms proposed in this app are the Johnson method, Dannenbring, Palmer and the complete enumeration. Though the complete enumeration algorithm always gives at least one optimal solution to the flow shop problem, we have to limit it to a maximum number of orders to consider because it takes lot of computational time when the number of orders is high (we limit it to 10 orders). Scientific litterature shows that Johnson algorithm always gives the optimal solution to the flow shop problem when there are 2 consecutive machines to consider no matter the number of orders. It also gives the optimal solution when there are 3 consecutive machines to consider no matter the number of orders but one condition must be met, otherwise it is a heuristic. Dannenbring and Palmer are heuristics so there is no guarantee one or the other will give the optimal solution, no matter the number of orders. The app is available on App Store and is iOS 7 compliant as well as universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.Available on AppStore
    iSolveWaiting iconThis is iSolveWaiting v1.1, a waiting line calculator app to get queueing theory statistics and probabilities. A waiting line system is represented by units randomly arriving and trying to be serviced by one or more resources; however a queue line (or waiting line) is going to occur if those units arrive more rapidly than the capacity of the system. Queueing theory is studied in the field of operational research and statistics and probabilities are analytically determined. Usual statistics are utilization rate of the system, length of queue, length of system, time waiting in queue, time spent in the system. There are probabilities such as the probability of how busy the system is or not, the probability of an arrival having to wait or not, etc. Those performance measures are important as issues or problems caused by queueing situations are often related to customer dissatisfaction with service or may be the root cause of economic losses in a business. Analysis of the relevant queueing models allows the cause of queueing issues to be identified and the impact of proposed changes to be assessed. The app is available on App Store and is iOS 7 compliant as well as universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.Available on AppStore

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