Personal notes

I am living in the Quebec City area. Love to eat in a good restaurant (especially for sushis), around a table at home or elsewhere with a real good wine (definite preference for red wine). Like to drink a good beer sometimes, particularly a beer made from a micro brewery. Also like to meet in a nice café, chatting or dreaming a little bit.

Various interests and tastes. Visual arts, especially paintings from Lise Auger (I own many from her) and from Claude Théberge. Love laughing at Serge Chapleau's drawings.

Enjoy Swedish's Roxette. Some others: Madonna, Gloria Estefan. Francophone artists are not left away: lyrics and music from Richard Séguin and Jean-Jacques Goldman, Isabelle Boulay's lovely voice, and Laurence Jalbert.

Love reading a good book or watching movies. Actions and thrillers.

Love comics since my youth. I grew up with Astérix and Gaston Lagaffe. I also like to watch Dilbert and friends.

I am using computers since my first introductory course in 1980. Preferred computing platform is Macintosh.

Love cats! This is Philomène, my 16 years old cat (August 1st 1987 - September 13th 2003)

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Patrick Lyonnais

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