Professional Notes

On the academic side I have an operations management specialized MBA (1987) from Université Laval, and a operations research BAA (1985) from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. I also studied at Ph.D. level in Business at Université Laval with research interests in networked manufacturing.

I am working as an independant consultant in industrial management and logistics. My work consists to define strategies and orientations in those fields, to evaluate and audit situations, to propose and develop improvements. Mandates are diverse: logistics audit, operations audit, organizational audit, warehouse layout, physical distribution and logistics, purchasing management, inventory management, system studies. My clients are distributors, manufacturers and public organisations.

I also provide teaching in industrial management and logistics. I perform as a lecturer in operations management at Faculté des sciences de l'administration de l'Université Laval, in probabilities and statistics with the École de Technologie Supérieure, and in purchasing with some colleges. I also design and write computer programs for higher education.

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Patrick Lyonnais

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