The Black Donnellys




A Donnelly Treatise: After the Massacre
by Peter McKeown

Many people know the story of the Donnelly family who were massacred by a vigilance committee on February 4th 1880, just outside Lucan, Ontario. Several books have been published on the murders including the events beforehand; few have revealed the lives of the four Donnelly siblings who survived the murders.

A Donnelly Treatise: After the Massacre by Peter McKeown, is a non-fiction historical account of the Donnelly Massacre and its survivors. It follows the lives of the remaining Donnellys - William, Robert, Patrick and Jennie - from 1880 on to their final days. Actual testimonies that were recorded during the investigation and the trials that followed are included. You will learn what became of the family and its friends and foes, as well as facinating information about each Donnelly: who they married, how many children they had, what businesses they went into, where they moved to and what troubles they faced!


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