Art Pratten

My association with the band is entirely influenced by my father. My father played first violin with the finest symphony orchestras Saturday afternoon radio had to offer and he impressed me with one fact....that it is not what you play, where you play or how well you play ...the important thing is... who you play with. 

This quote is from the jacket of our first album and 41 years later it still applies.


Art Pratten...pensioner and gentleman of leisure.
Born in 1939 and raised in London Ontario Canada.
Live on the same street as my parents and my grandparents before me.
Married high school sweetheart [still have her].
Had standard 1.9 children for fun and profit [some fun profit].
And now a guitar toting grandson.
Co-exist with various reptiles.
Hobbies...none...decided I would rather have a life.
Compulsive reader with no taste...will read anything.
Basically I spend my life trying to be a nice guy and trying not to cause waves.

Then there is the Nihilist Spasm Band....
I see my participation in the NSB as my small contribution to entropy.
My small payment to the cosmos for the many wonders it has revealed to me.
Over the years I have built many noise instruments.
Some looked and handled like traditional musical instruments [violin/guitar].
All of them are called a Pratt-a-various.
None of them are meant to be played like or sound like what they look like.

My current interests include siege engines...a trebuchet to be exact.
I have one working model and I am at present working on a large personal model.
In the future I plan a much larger one suitable for laying siege to large buildings.
Buildings such as the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.
It is important to be ready with a clear and unequivocal response when time comes.
And the time is coming ...things are always worse than they appear.
Nobody gets out of here alive.