Developed by George Primak


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        I have developed these keyboards some time ago using Janko's Keyboard Generator for Windows 98, however, lately I had to re-install them and found that it is a somewhat tedious task. Thus, I have decided to put them on this web site and make them available to anyone who may wish to use them. I believe that these keyboards will also be operational on Windows ME, although I have not actually tried it.



        Transliterated keyboards are useful for those who have the usual U.S. or English keyboard and who are not proficient in the standard Ukrainian or Russian keyboard layout which is supplied with the Multilanguage Support Pack within Windows 98. Such people will find it much easier to use a transliterated keyboard where Ukrainian or Russian letters are located on similar letters in the English alphabet. The similarity may be visual or phonetic. I use a combination of the two.

        The usual U.S. keyboard that comes with most computers looks like this:


       My transliterated Ukrainian keyboard looks like this:


        My transliterated Russian keyboard looks like this:



        To install one or both of the above transliterated keyboards on a computer that operates on Windows 98 or higher, proceed as follows:

        1.    Go to "Control Panel" and click on "Keyboard", then on "Language" and click the button "Add". Scroll down to "Russian" and/or "Ukrainian" and click "OK". This will install your standard Russian and/or Ukrainian keyboard drivers.

        2.    Copy the file kbdur.kbd and/or the file kbdru.kbd from here and overwrite the files with the same name in your c:\windows\system directory.

        This can be done by:

        (a) saving directly to your c:\windows\system directory form this site, in which case the following prompt will appear:

        Click "Yes", and the previous keyboard layout will be replaced by this new one.

        (b) saving to any other folder on your hard drive, such as the "My Download Files"  from which the desired file can then be placed into the c:\windows\system directory by using the "cut" and "paste" or "copy" and "paste" commands. Again the prompt shown above will appear and by clicking "Yes", the new keyboard layout will be installed.

        IMPORTANT: Before using the new layout RESTART THE COMPUTER!



        On the taskbar at the bottom of the screen the letters "En" will appear. Click on them and the list of available keyboards will pop out, for example "Uk" - Ukrainian, and/or "Ru" - Russian. Click on, for example, "Uk" and the "En" sign on the taskbar will be replaced by "Uk". Тепер ви можете писати українською мовою.

        Similarly if "En" is replaced by "Ru", вы можете писать по русски.



        The above keyboard files were generated using Janko's Keyboard Generator developed by Janko Stamenovic. The shareware version of this excellent generator can be downloaded free of charge from his web site. The file is called "Jkbd98i". After downloading it, for example, to "My Download Files" folder, click on it and a prompt will come-up asking "Proceed with installation?" - Click "OK" and Janko's Keyboard Generator will be installed on the hard drive.

        To open Janko's Keyboard Generator, click on "Start" on the taskbar, then click on "Programs" and scroll to "Janko". There will be his program and "Read me" explanations on how to use it. Click on Janko's Keyboard Generator program and the following window will appear:

        Before starting using the program, make c:\windows\system directory the default directory for this program. This is done by making a shortcut for the program (by right-clicking on it and then clicking "Create Shortcut"), and dragging it to the Desktop. Then, right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties". The following window will appear:

        As shown above, in "Start in", type: c:\windows\system and click "OK".

        With this, the Janko's Keyboard Generator installation is complete.

        To modify my above keyboard layouts, open the program and click on "Options" and then on "Font". The following window will appear:

        As shown, in "Script" scroll to "Cyrillic" and click "OK".

        Then, in the main window of the program, click on "File" and then on "Open" which will bring the following window:

        Select "kbdur" for Ukrainian keyboard or "kbdru" for Russian keyboard (only keyboard layouts produced by Janko's Keyboard Generator can be selected) and click "Open", which will bring the desired keyboard layout to the upper part of the generator window, as follows:

        Now, one can modify the upper keyboard by clicking on (and holding) and dragging from the lower part of the window any desired letter to the desired key above, and releasing the letter on that key. For upper case letters, change "Norm" to "Shift" and do the same. Once the keyboard has been modified as desired, click on "File" and then "Save". The new keyboard layout will replace the previous one. 

        Again remember to RESTART the computer for the new layout to take effect.

        In a similar manner, one can also develop any desired keyboard layout from scratch on Janko's Keyboard Generator .

        If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at