Adapted by George Primak


Please note that although the title indicates that my Ukrainian transliterated keyboard is for Windows XP and Windows 7, it will also work with Windows 2000 as well as Vista. However, we need two versions of this keyboard, the first for computers operating with a 32 bit system and the second for those operating with a 64 bit system.
My transliterated Ukrainian keyboard layout for both versions is as follows:

For upper-case letters:

And for lower-case letters:

Version 1 (for 32 bit OS)


  1.     Download the following compressed file to a directory on your hard drive, such the Downloads directory: UKR-KB.ZIP

   2.    Extract individual files from this compressed file, which should be four in number and should contain a README file with instructions on how to install this keyboard layout. It is suggested that you make a printout of these instructions and follow them carefully. It should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to achieve the installation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first step indicated in my README file is very important. It consists of installing the standard Microsoft Ukrainian keyboard layout in your computer system, prior to doing the other steps. You should install it and check that it actually works by typing the various letters in it.

When this standard Microsoft Ukrainian layout has been properly installed, you should proceed with steps 2 and 3 indicated in the README file. The reason for this is that my layout uses the Ukrainian letters of the standard Microsoft layout, but places them on different keys. Thus, if you do not properly install the standard Ukrainian Microsoft keyboard layout as the very first step, my transliteration will not work.

Also remember that once the installation is completed you should re-start the computer to make it effective.


You can also modify the above keyboard layout by downloading and using a Keyboard Layout Manager (KLM) developed by Milan Vidakovic and Igor Milijasevic and available as a shareware program at the following web site:

Go to "Download" on their page and download their "medium" version of the program which provides a keyboard editor and a character map, including Ukrainian letters. Install their program on your hard drive and read the instructions carefully before doing the editing.

Version 2 (for 64 bit OS)

  • Download the following compressed file to a directory on your hard drive, such the Downloads directory: UKR-64KB.ZIP
  • Extract individual files from this compressed file, which should be nine in number and should contain four folders, three Layout02 files, a Setup file and a README file with instructions on how to install this keyboard layout. The installation is very simple and merely requires you to click on the Setup icon and then accept the options to run the program and allow your computer to install it.
  • Once the new layout is installed, you should have the UK (for Ukrainian) indication in addition to EN on your taskbar (click on EN to see it) and by switching to it you should have the Ukrainian transliterated keyboard ready to be used.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Although this second version is indicated to be suitable for 64 bit operating systems (OS), my information is that it will work with any Microsoft Windows system issued in 2003 or later, namely XP/2003, Vista and Windows 7, irrespective of whether they are 32 bit or 64 bit machines.

    Consequently, I recommend using it for any Microsoft OS issued 2003 or later, because it is much simpler to install and does not require you to go into the System files and copy there the modified .kbd file as needed in Version 1.


    If you are not satisfied with my keyboard layout you can easily modify it in Windows 7 and Vista as follows:

    1. Download layout editor MSKLC 1.4 (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) and install it as a program file on your computer. Open it by clicking on it and it will exhibit an empty keyboard design.

    2. Click on "File" at the top and it will open various options. If you wish to modify my layout, click on "Load Existing Keyboard". On the list that will pop out choose "Ukrainian (Transliterated) Custom" and it will appear on the MSKLC keyboard on your screen.

    3. Now you can rearrange the Ukrainian letters of my layout as you wish. For example, my Ukrainian letter "у" is presently placed on the key having English letter "y" and my Ukrainian letter "и" is placed on the key having English letter "u". This is my personal preference, and some people would prefer having them reversed to make the arrangement more phonetic.

    You can easily do this by clicking on "у" and a little window will pop up with this letter highlighted. Now you merely type "и" from my present Ukrainian layout that you have already installed and the change will be made. You can then do the same for letter "и". Then, by placing a check mark on "Shift" at the left side of the screen, you can do the same for the upper-case letters.

    4. When you have finished with the modifications, open the "File" menu and save your new layout as a .KLC file under a new name, for example "layout03" and name it "Ukrainian Phonetic" or something of the sort. Thereafter, you click on "Project" at the top and successively validate your new layout, then test it and build the DLL and Setup Package as provided in the menu. All this is done automatically.

    5. Finally you uninstall my layout and install yours as already explained above.

    If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at