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Extra Services We Can Provide!

If you do not see what you need, let us know.

Contact us by email with the details of what you need. Email: Contact Or call us at 613 298 6297.
Emergency repairs We will deal with minor emergency repairs ourselves, but if something happens that requires an expert, we will call in the professional you have designated. We have our list of reliable plumbers and electricians, if you don't have somebody in mind.
Update instructions by Email You can contact us anytime and update instructions by email, free of charge
Look in on family or neighbors We can keep in touch with family or friends that may need that extra support while you are away. Sometimes just a phone call will do or delivering groceries.
Auto is ready-to-go Will your car battery be dead when you want to head off to work the day after you return? We can warm up your car occasionally and move it in your driveway while you were away. This gives the home that lived in appearance.
Limited Landscaping We can cut the grass, trim the gardens and keep the yards looking top shape. This also contributes to that lived in look and improved security.
Snow Removal A house that doesn't have the driveway shoveled regularly is a clear indication that there is nobody home. The thought of returning from a vacation or business to the prospect of that mountain of snow at the end of the driveway, is enough to spoil anybody's trip! We can make arrangements for the snow to be removed from your driveway or supervise your contractor.
Prepare for your return Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a fresh loaf of bread and liter of milk, and maybe today's paper to tide you over until you have a chance to do some real grocery shopping?
Maintain lights-install timers We recommend leaving a couple of lights on in strategic locations, and they are checked as part of our basic service on every visit. We can also provide timers for your lamps, to give a greater appearance of activity in your home.
Ride to and from the airport We will take you to the airport in your car, and then pick you up on the return trip. Avoids the cost of a taxi and advertising that you are not home.

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Contact us by email with the details of what you need. Email:
Contact Or call us at 613 298 6297.

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