Cheapskate's CD Jacket

Being a cheapskate, I can't get myself to pay for paper CD Jackets.

There's a price advantage to buying CDRs on a spindle instead of the ones that come with jewel cases but that advantage is nearly gone if you pay the price for the sleeves.

The procedure:

A: Fold the paper nearly in half, leaving about 1 inch extra on the back half.

B: Flip the paper over so the bigger half is up. Now fold the sides back about an inch and three quarters.

C: Fold the top back at the point where the smaller flaps end.

D: Tuck the top flap under the side flaps.

E: Turn it over and Taa Daa you're ready to label your CD jacket.


You should write on the sleeve when the disc is out, to prevent damaging the CD.

If you want to print on the jacket, first make one and then unfold it so you can see where the printing belongs. If you have Illustrator or another page layout program you can save a template with the location of the printable area marked and even guides for the folds.

Use this information solely at your own risk.

I am not responsible for paper cuts in any way. ;-)
Cheapskate's CD Jacket
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