Phono Preamp For Ripping Albums

Why would you want to do this? Well if you have two computers on the same desk, of course.

I have a Mac G4 and a PC (connected with an ethernet switch) on my bench.

I've had several people ask me if they could plug their old turntable into their computer, in order to record the music from their LPs to convert it to MP3 or CD format.

Well the answer is yes and no, because the audio in jack on typical computer requires "line levels". This is similar to the microphone connection problem, but the preamp required is different. In the old days, audio systems had a phono preamp built in. If you have one of these you can use it instead and don't need this circuit. All you do in this case is connect the receiver's "tape out" jacks to your computers "line in" jack. An appropriate adapter can be purchased or made to connect the "RCA" jacks of your reciever to the stereo "mini" jack of the computer. Both outer shields of the RCAs go to the Sleeve and one center conductor goes to the Tip and the other to the Ring.

The circuit shown works quite nicely and is relatively easy to build. It should be enclosed in a metal enclosure, to prevent interference and noise problems. I haven't tried, but a 9 volt battery should be able to run this.

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