The Do It Yourself Archery Equipment Page

Greetings, in the following pages you will find an ever growing list of DIY projects (hence the name of those pages) where you can learn to make your own gear.

Why you ask, would someone want to do that when most of it can be bought redimade? Well there are many reasons, for me there is the drive to discover new things, the desire to learn how to make my own tackle and most importantly I am cheap.

Making your own stuff can and will save you money at the expense of your time but if you mind that then you need to find another hobby. In many of these pages you will find good simple instructions based on a many years of practice and research, not all of it mine as you will see.

I also had other reasons for making these pages, after having seen the quality of information on traditional or medieval archery out on the net I have come to the conclusion that it is in many cases poorly written, explained, photographed or so scattered as to be almost impossible to make use of.

I have tried to sift through it all as best I can looking for the information you will need and then bring it together here in a clear and simple to follow style.

Not to mention that much of the tools and supplies that we need are way over priced. I believe we are being gouged rather badly for everything. I mean $125 U.S. beanies for a spine jig? Give me a break, I can make one for less than a fifth of the price and it will do a quite nice job thank you very much. Living in Canada makes it that much worse as everything is at least 50% more expensive than in the states, Oftentimes it is worse.

A large part of my archery is done as a member of a medieval archery company in the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. We try to recreate the middle ages as it should have been which means learning how it was done without modern tools, materials and/or techniques and very few folks die of the flu or sword wounds. To this end I like to try and strive for some measure of "periodness" in what I make, whether it be archery gear or clothes or my personal mannerisms.

For those of you interested in DIY archery projects, we have for your reading pleasure:

Useful Topics for Scadian or traditional Archers

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