DIY Archery Suppliers

Written by RJ Bachner

One thing I have mentioned over and over is the lack of Canadian suppliers for DIY projects but that is not to say that there are none out there. There are online sources in eastern, central and western Canada, probably more than I know of as well but these are the ones I know.

Traditional archery suppliers

Canadian Suppliers

  • Tele Transactions Traditional Archery Supplies
    In Quebec
    (450) 961-9543
    Gabriel Pigeon

  • Heights Archery Range
    In Saskatchewan
    (204) 832-4421
    Ron Minion

  • Canadian Traditional Archery
    In Alberta
    (780) 998-2770

    US Suppliers

  • Bingham Projects; to make your own wood laminate bows.
    (801) 399-3470

  • BowsOnline a good place to get yer bows at often cut rate prices.

  • Diana's Shaft Shop
    (860) 564-6726
    Ed Breyette

  • FS Discount Archery

  • Three Rivers Archery
    (219) 587-9501

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