How to make a bowstring with more than 2 bundles.

Written by RJ Bachner

This is really quite easy to do if you can handle 2 bundles. Remember when you started the twist that became the first loop?

You pressed the two bundles between your fingers and separated the bundles just the tiniest bit so that you could work them without confusing the two. Well you do the same thing now with 3 or more bundles.

Work with 3 colors for now. You have the 3 bundles spread in your fingers and held firm. Say red, yellow and green. Twist the red until tight and then right over the two others so now you have blue green red. do it again with the blue and then the green and then the red and so on. Do not mix the order during the winde or it will show in your pattern, see I told you it was easy.

Now the tricky part. finishing the loop.

Ok after you have made the loop as long as you need it to be, twist the braid as tight as you can without causing the braid to curl, the tighter the twist at this point the more resilient the loop will be to wear. Then spread the ends out between your fingers in the same manner as when you started, only now you have 6 bundles as you close the loop. Try to use the same pattern as when you started, Red, blue and green for both sets of strands. Now twist the red and over, the blue and over, the green and over and so on.

I do hope this helps, if you wanna have some fun, try more bundles, the best I have ever done was a 7 bundle of 2 threads each. it was so nice and smooth. It was a load of work but what a nice braid on the string. I do not however reccomend more than 7 braids, it will leave spaces inside the winde where the bundles do not touch. It is the way cordage works, you can do it but your string will not be stronger for it.


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