A performer's anthology is like a retrospective of works by a film-maker or an artist. It also corresponds to publishing the complete opus of an author or composer. All at once, we are confronted with a whole body of work ­ often the result of a lifetime's effort ­ with all its inherent experiences: the highs and the lows, the dark hours and the rare moments of practically inexpressible happiness.

The ideal I reach for as a performer is to play the works with freshness and vitality; and that these characteristics remain evident every time a recording is played, with my human and musical experiences forming a solid substructure, a guarantee of a certain intensity.

This anthology replaces the one of works for two hands that due to various unanticipated circumstances, has proven impossible to produce. However, the musical palette is just as varied, going from Bach to contemporary composers.
I've always felt it was my responsibility to exploit the various resources of my talent, even in the face of adversity.

Accordingly, my recordings have rewarded me with combined feelings of happiness and pride.

Raoul Sosa



Analekta Fleur de Lys FL 23030-1

Bach , Brahms, Chopin, Moszkowski,
Saint-Saëns Scriabine, Lipatti, Tisné, Brenet, Ravel