C. David Johnson


Born in Montreal, transplanted to the Maritimes, and now based in Toronto, David began his career with Theatre New Brunswick, where he has continued to perform for over twenty years, most recently as Captain Hook in Walter Learning’s production of Peter Pan. Audiences will remember him as the morally dubious Chuck Tchobanian on the long running CBC series "Street Legal".  A graduate of the Playhouse Acting School in Vancouver, he has been a member of the Soulpepper Theatre Company, the Stratford Festival Company, the Vancouver Playhouse and the National Arts Centre Company, as well as performing in regional theatres across the country. Film and television credits include Mysterious Island(Global),Thanks of a Grateful Nation and Aldrich Ames(Showtime), and Hidden Dimensions(IMAX).

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C. DAVID JOHNSON            Height: 6~1'~ Weight: 185          Eyes:Brown    Hair: Brown

Personal Management - Perry Zimel              Unions:ACTRA/CAEA


Code Breakers                                            Principal(Nolan)                                        ESPN/Rod Holcomb
The Julie Posey Story                                 Principal(Sam)                                        Lifetime/Joanna Kerns

The Man Who Saved Christmas              Lead (Sam Ryder)                 MOW/CBS/Alliance Atlantis/Sturla Gunnarson
Terminal Invasion                                      Lead (David Higgins)               MOW/Sci-Fi Channel/Sean Cunningham
The Safety of Objects                                 Lead(Wayne Christensen)              Killer Films/Rose Troche
Jonathan Cross's Canada                           Guest Star (Donald Jansen)                           CBC
Soul Food                                                    Recurring(Doug Parelli)                        Showtime/Various
Made in Canada(The Industry)               Guest Star (William Doyle)       CBC/Salter St. Films/Henry Sawer-Foner
Canada:A People's History                      Lead(John Guy)                                      CBC/Laine Drewry
I Was A Sixth Grade Alien                       Lead(Principal Grand)2 seasons   Hevi Hevi Prod./Various
Traders                                                        Guest Lead                                  Atlantis/Alliance/Global/Gord Langevin
Aldrich Ames: America Betrayed           Lead (Brooks)                                     Showtime/John MacKenzie
Thanks of a Grateful Nation                    Lead (Steve Robertson)                         Showtime/Rod Holcomb
Fast Track                                                   Guest Star (Tommy Swenson)                 Alliance/Harvey Frost
Hidden Dimensions                                  Lead (Jonathan)                                              Imax/Paul Cox
The Lost Daughter (Mini-Series)             Principal (Lt Goddard)        Mind's Eye Prods/Roger Cardinal
The Legend Of Gator Face                       Lead (Sheriff)           Temple Street/Gatorface Prods/Showtime
Mysterious Island                                      Series Lead (Jack Pencroft)                          Atlantis Films
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues            Guest Star (Lance Deverell)             Warner Bros./Allan King
*Street Legal (8 Seasons)                           Series Lead (Chuck Tchobanian)                        CBC
Red Serge                                                    Series Lead (Marsh)                                              CBC


King Lear                                         Duke of Cornwall                 Soulpepper Theatre/Joseph Zeigler
The Real Thing                                   Max                                    Soulpepper Theatre/Diana Leblanc
The Innocent Eye Test                       James Macauley                   MTC/Mirvish Prod./Christpher Newton
To Kill a Mockingbird                       Atticus Finch                         Neptune Theatre/Ted Dykstra
A Walk in the Woods                        Andrey Bottvinik                  Theatre & Co./Linda Bush
Three in the Back Two in the Head   Donald Jackson                   Neptune Theatre/Daryl Chloran
The Love List                                 Leon                                          Thousand Islands Playhouse/Kelly Robinson

The Play's The Thing                   **Almady                                     Soulpepper Theatre/Lazlo Marton
The Foursome                               Rick                                           Theatre Aquarius/Stage West/Max Reimer
Art                                                   Marc                                          Theatre New Brunswick/David Sherren
Misery                                            Paul Sheldon                            Persephone Theatre/Walter Learning
The Winter's Tale                          Polixenes                                Soulpepper Theatre/Joseph Zeigler
A Chorus of Disapproval             Ian                                           Soulpepper Theatre/Albert Schultz
The Play’s The Thing                   Almady                                    Soulpepper Theatre/Lazlo Marton
Peter Pan                                        Captain Hook                        Theatre New Brunswick/Walter Learning
Sleuth                                              Milo                                        Theatre New Brunswick/Walter Learning
Misery                                             Paul Sheldon                         Theatre New Brunswick/Walter Learning
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof                 Brick                                             Theatre New Brunswick/Eric Steiner
The Play's The Thing                    Adam                                                   Theatre Calgary/Martin Kinch
Jitters                                               George                                            Theatre New Brunswick/Janet Amos
Knuckle                                          Curly                                                    Equity Showcase/Meg Westley
Barbarians                                       Ivakin                             Equity Showcase/Eric Steiner/Marti Maraden
Raptures                                         Sean Kiley                                              Solar Stage/Gene Tishauer
Whodunnit                                     Dashwell                                              Theatre Calgary/Eric Steiner
Amadeus                                        Venticello                                   Manitoba Theatre Centre/Eric Steiner
Two Gentlemen Of Verona          Speed                                                 Stratford Festival/Leon Rubin
Henry IV, Part I                              Poins                                            Stratford Festival/Michael Langham
Midsummer Night's Dream         Snout                                                National Arts Centre/David Ultz
Rogues And Lovers                      Macbeth/Benvolio                         National Arts Centre/Susan Cox
Pinocchio                                        Tunny/Crow                                   National Arts Centre/John Wood
Dogg's Hamlet/Cahoot's MacBeth  Macduff/Ophelia                 National Arts Centre/David Hemblen
Richard III                                       Oxford                                              National Arts Centre/John Wood
Narrow Road To The Deep North    Heigoo                                       National Arts Centre/Paul Hanna
Straight Ahead/Blind Dancers    Dell Martin                                   National Arts Centre/Jackie Maxwell
Journey's End                                 Broughton                                       National Arts Centre/John Wood
Sir Epicure Loses Face                  Subtle                                               National Arts Centre/John Wood
The Man Who Came To Dinner       Westcott                        Vancouver Playhouse/Christopher Newton
The Red Devil Battery Sign         Crewcut                                    Vancouver Playhouse/Roger Hodgman
Macbeth                                          Fleance/Seaton                    Theatre New Brunswick/Roger Hodgman
The Marriage Proposal                 Lomov                                     Theatre New Brunswick/Malcolm Black
The Drunkard                                 Edward Middleton                   Theatre New Brunswick/Paul Hanna

* 1991,1992,1993 & 1994 Gemini Nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, ** 2004 Dora Award nomination for Featured Performance in a Play Or Musical.

"Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism--it is not quite the occupation of an adult."
                      --Laurence Olivier

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