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These pages were created during the last seven years of Rufus's life, in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, that life was cut short on August 10, 2015, when he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen that was causing him great pain. As he was held and comforted by those who loved him most, Rufus was humanely released forever from his suffering. He had lived for twelve years, two months, and twenty days.

This web site, apart from the page you are reading now, is preserved as it was during Rufus's life (except for the replacement, from time to time, of some outdated hotlinks and other material). Use the Menu Bar above to navigate between the sections of the site.

The present page, however, continues to be updated frequently with current news headlines and other items of interest to people who love greyhounds and care about the welfare of these wonderful companion animals, wherever they are around the world. We do this in tribute to the life of Rufus, who remains forever in our hearts and minds.

World Greyhound News Headlines

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New South Wales trainer is suspended on suspicion of live baiting with rabbits May 17, 2017 — Racing regulator still thinks it's dealing with "rogue elements" May 17, 2017 — Opinion: Swift action needed to weed out the rats in greyhound racing May 25, 2017 — Here are ten who could use some "weeding": May 28, 2017

Greyhound Racing Victoria proposes belatedly to make exporting greyhounds without approval a "serious offence" May 26, 2017 — Australian greyhounds are being forced to race against cheetahs in Shanghai's Wild Animal Park May 28, 2017

New Zealand tries to boost greyhound racing with two-dog races May 27, 2017

The glut of discarded greyhounds in Australia is straining rescue and rehoming organizations to the limit May 27, 2017

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is back on June 11, 2017 May 13, 2017 — Where to walk in Britain May 27, 2017

Comment: Is there no end to the greed of the dog racing industry? May 27, 2017

Texas Racing Commission faces shortfall of funds after legislature fails to pass dog and horse racing subsidy bills May 26, 2017

Children's book fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue in Australia May 15, 2017 — Pointy Pembleton — the children's book that's saving greyhounds May 26, 2017

Ninety years of chasing the "tin hare" in Australia May 26, 2017

15th annual Greyhound Gathering to be held May 18-21 in Kanab, Utah May 15, 2017 — Greyhound Gathering draws international attendance May 16, 2017 — Greyhound Gathering celebrates 'Greyt' and unconditional love May 18, 2017 — Video of the event May 23, 2017 — Greyhound Gathering was "bigger and better than ever" May 25, 2017

New South Wales charity finds loving homes for low-maintenance "lounge lizards" May 25, 2017

Western Australian rescued greyhounds to attend PETScapade on May 28 May 23, 2017

Florida greyhound dies, 72 others sickened from being fed raw 4D meat (with TV news video) May 16, 2017 — Selective enforcement of dog food laws May 22, 2017

Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust holds parade and pet blessing ceremony in Worcester Cathedral (with video) May 21, 2017

Racing industry in Australian Capital Territory vows to continue after government subsidy ends, but says greyhound welfare may suffer as a result May 21, 2017 — Editorial: ACT government must take strong action May 21, 2017

Harold's Cross stadium in Dublin to be sold to Department of Education and Skills and used as site for badly-needed secondary school May 2, 2017 — Harold's Cross Stadium sale could be considered a government bailout of the Irish dog racing industry May 19, 2017

Sydney trainer is fined $1,400 for neglecting and starving a greyhound to death May 19, 2017

U.K. greyhound stolen nearly three years ago is reunited with owner May 19, 2017

Three-legged greyhound versus lawn sprinkler (YouTube video) May 18, 2017

Florida greyhound lovers ask Seminole County commissioners for dog racing regulations July 26, 2016 — Public hearing on proposed Greyhound Protection Act set for Aug. 9 August 8, 2016 — Opinion: I look forward to voting to protect greyhounds in Seminole County August 9, 2016 — No need for a plebiscite, as county commissioners agree to regulate greyhound registration and welfare August 10, 2016 — Industry takes court action to block local regulation of dogs' welfare May 17, 2017

Racing Queensland has $63 million to spend on harness and dog racing infrastructure May 17, 2017

Rescued greyhound runs free for the first time ever on Merseyside beach (with video) May 16, 2017

First U.K. greyhound with confirmed case of idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), commonly known as Alabama Rot May 15, 2017

Local city council in Victoria state rejects application to build a greyhound breeding/training establishment May 15, 2017

Sadistic and cruel Victorian greyhound trainer gets 6 month disqualification and $2,700 in fines for mistreating dozens of dogs May 4, 2017 — Opinion: Soft penalties are not the way to fix greyhound racing problems May 8, 2017 — Australian discipline decisions from the past week May 9, 2017 — Six days later, and six more "bad apples" have been identified May 15, 2017

Racing industry eyes Alberton, Queensland, as site for a new dog racing track May 14, 2017

Iowa Greyhound Park does not expect to make a profit this year, despite subsidy May 14, 2017

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue pleads for help re-homing neglected Irish dogs May 13, 2017 — Exported Irish greyhounds suffer horrific abuse at the hands of new owners May 14, 2017

Tom Noble gets suspended jail sentence for live baiting September 6, 2016 — RSPCA calls the sentence a "setback" September 6, 2016 — Queensland Attorney-General orders appeal against "manifestly inadequate" sentence October 4, 2016 — Appeal heard; decision reserved March 17, 2017 — Queensland Court of Appeal refuses to send Noble to jail May 12, 2017 — "This is a very sad day for anyone who loves animals" — RSPCA May 13, 2017 — Court of Appeal also reduces the fine of another convicted live-baiter from $5,000 to $3,300 May 13, 2017

New rule requires NSW racing industry participants to provide information to the regulator about any individual greyhound, upon request May 12, 2017

Update on hyperfibrinolysis syndrome, the "sighthound bleeding disorder" May 12, 2017

Reason #198 to keep your greyhound on a leash in open public areas May 11, 2017

Florida greyhound farm is turned into an animal rescue centre May 10, 2017

Animal advocates fear return of greyhound racing to Kansas February 10, 2017 — Greyhound rescuers in Kansas speak out against the new pro-racing bill (with TV news video) February 19, 2017 — Actor Ed Asner speaks out against Kansas racing bill March 6, 2017 — Opponents of racing bill have their say March 23, 2017 — Kansas senate rejects proposal to decrease racetrack slot-machine tax from 40% to 22% March 30, 2017 — Opinion: House Bill 2173 is a disaster in the making April 19, 2017 — House Bill 2173 provides huge tax breaks to billionaire to restart dog racing industry April 25, 2017 — Political shenanigans with greyhound racing May 5, 2017 — Kansas House committee rolls dice on racetrack bill — snake eyes May 10, 2017 — Lawmakers say no to slots at Wichita greyhound track May 10, 2017 — House committee rejects bill to allow slot machines at racetracks May 10, 2017

Problems with greyhound racing persist in Florida (with TV feature video) May 5, 2017 — Feature article on the state of greyhound racing in Florida May 10, 2017

"Legendary" New Zealand trainer gets a $2000 discount off a $5000 fine May 10, 2017

Greyhound rescued from a cliff-edge in New Zealand after 60-metre fall (with news video) May 7, 2017

Greyhound Friends fighting animal cruelty charge May 5, 2017

Racing greyhound lost during transport to Iowa racetrack May 5, 2017

Disqualified racers in NSW routinely transfer ownership of their dogs to close family members to get around the rules May 5, 2017

Harold's Cross greyhound stadium in Dublin is closed down, earlier than planned, due to the financial crisis in the Irish Greyhound Board February 13, 2017 — Track land may become a much-needed school site February 14, 2017 — Dublin greyhound trainers and breeders go to court to ask for an injunction against the sale of Harold's Cross February 17, 2017 — Harold's Cross revenue was down last year, while Shelbourne's was up March 6, 2017 — Harold's Cross stadium to be sold to Department of Education and Skills and used as site for badly-needed secondary school May 2, 2017 — Radio report on the Irish Greyhound Board's appearance before the Dail's Public Accounts Committee (podcast) May 3, 2017 — Protests over stadium sale have cost the Irish Greyhound Board about €300,000 and greyhound racers €250,000 in purses May 4, 2017 — IGB has no plans to close any more stadiums May 4, 2017 — IGB is funded by the taxpayer to the tune of more than €200,000 a week May 4, 2017 — IGB admits it paid €1.5 million for land worth only €100,000 May 5, 2017 — The decline of Ireland's greyhound racing industry (Radio interview podcast) May 5, 2017

Florida trainer banned for life after positive test results for cocaine metabolites in 5 greyhounds over 17 days May 4, 2017 — Records show Florida’s greyhound industry has had 46 cocaine positives since 2008 May 4, 2017

Irish parliamentary committee is told of greyhounds being "shot, drowned, and abused" May 2, 2017 — GRAI representations to the parliamentary committee on May 2 (YouTube video) May 2, 2017 — Full video of May 2 proceedings May 4, 2017

New South Wales now taking applications for Integrity Commission jobs May 5, 2017 — Government is looking for applicants "committed to securing a competitive and sustainable industry" May 4, 2017

Florida's Senate, House bills are still at odds on future of greyhound racing April 12, 2017 — Senate bill would allow greyhound tracks to close; House bill would force them to stay open for another 20 years (with TV news video) April 14, 2017 — Opinion: Florida's greyhound gambit is decoupled from reality April 19, 2017 — House drops opposition to decoupling April 26, 2017 — House, Senate continue negotiations April 27, 2017 — Talks collapse; gambling bill will not pass May 2, 2017 — Dog racing to continue after gambling bill dies May 3, 2017

Irish Retired Greyhound Trust visits Limerick Stadium May 3, 2017

New fees charged to gambling industry will provide additional subsidy to New Zealand racing codes March 23, 2017 — Greyhound Racing New Zealand increases race purses by 10%, but there's no new spending on animal welfare April 11, 2017 — Greyhound Protection League is critical April 20, 2017 — Opinion: Racing funding boost is no help to animals April 28, 2017 — Racing industry's official greyhound adoption program is left begging for public donations to continue operating May 2, 2017

Crowdfunding effort launched for Illinois greyhound who has cancer May 2, 2017

Seven more Australians join the ever-growing "bad apples" club May 2, 2017

Frankie the greyhound pup has a walking disability and funds are being raised for his care in Walsall May 1, 2017

New greyhound racing stadium under construction in Wallyford, Scotland March 10, 2017 — Thousands petition to scrap greyhound stadium plan April 6, 2017 — Protest demonstration calls for stop to stadium building plans May 1, 2017

Florida House subcommittee votes unanimously to recommend banning steroid injections for racing greyhounds March 8, 2017 — Bill heads for floor of House March 21, 2017 — Steroid ban bill moves forward April 6, 2017 — Bill to ban giving anabolic steroids to racing greyhounds April 7, 2017 — Florida House approves ban on steroids April 20, 2017 — Steroid bill dies in Senate, despite sufficient votes to pass May 1, 2017

Greyhound trainers' "strike" action results in cancellation of racing at Cannington in Western Australia April 28, 2017

The untold cost of the NSW racing industry reform April 11, 2017 — Prominent breeder, owner, and race caller says animal welfare groups "include some of the most unconscionable, terrorist-like mobs" April 18, 2017 — Racing Alliance head responds to concerns about financial security of NSW industry April 21, 2017 — Journalist proposes to sell off Wentworth Park racetrack to finance the dog racing industry's future April 28, 2017

April is Adopt-a-Greyhound Month April 19, 2017 — Greyhounds: The regal choice in pet adoptions April 27, 2017 — A few more words about Greyhound Adoption Month April 28, 2017

Greyhound exports from Ireland to Pakistan exposed by undercover activists (video) April 27, 2017

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