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These pages were created during the last seven years of Rufus's life, in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, that life was cut short on August 10, 2015, when he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen that was causing him great pain. As he was held and comforted by those who loved him most, Rufus was humanely released forever from his suffering. He had lived for twelve years, two months, and twenty days.

This web site, apart from the page you are reading now, is preserved as it was during Rufus's life (except for the replacement, from time to time, of some outdated hotlinks and other material). Use the Menu Bar above to navigate between the sections of the site.

The present page, however, continues to be updated frequently with current news headlines and other items of interest to people who love greyhounds and care about the welfare of these wonderful companion animals, wherever they are around the world. We do this in tribute to the life of Rufus, who remains forever in our hearts and minds.

World Greyhound News Headlines

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Interview with Wayne Strong, U.S. greyhound trainer since the early 1960s – Part One July 20, 2018 — Part Two July 23, 2018

Manchester's Belle Vue racetrack could be under threat July 10, 2018 — Trainer wants to dispose of 80 greyhounds because of uncertainty over Belle Vue July 13, 2018 — Trainers launch petition campaign to save Belle Vue July 23, 2018

RSPCA condemns decision to build greyhound breeding facility in Murray Bridge, South Australia July 20, 2018 — Petition campaign launched against breeding facility July 23, 2018

British gambling industry is bullish on greyhound racing July 23, 2018

New South Wales owners complain of being "forced" to travel for hours to race their greyhounds April 12, 2018 — Trainers complain that Gunnedah track redevelopment is taking too long, want more money to finish the job July 18, 2018 — Gunnedah set to receive $480,000 from government for upgrades July 23, 2018

Macau Canidrome operator given ultimatum as deadline looms July 18, 2018 — Municipal authority "condemns" Canidrome management for planning to abandon the greyhounds July 20, 2018 — Macau authorities to care for 600 greyhounds after notorious track closes July 20, 2018 — The 600 greyhounds left behind at the Canidrome (Video) July 21, 2018 — Macau authorities take in 533 dogs after Asia's only greyhound race track shuts July 21, 2018 — Greyhounds get to see life outside the Canidrome for the first time July 22, 2018 — Abandoned greyhounds make headlines around the world July 23, 2018

24 greyhounds have died on New Zealand racetracks in the first half of 2018 July 21, 2018 — Greyhound deaths likely going unreported July 21, 2018

Reason #202 to keep your greyhound on leash in open public areas July 20, 2018

Florida racing industry's campaign committee raises few funds July 20, 2018

Iowa's long-abandoned Waterloo greyhound Park to be demolished next week (video) July 19, 2018

New South Wales government sides with commercial animal abusers against whistleblowing activists July 19, 2018

Florida greyhound industry goes to court to prevent voters from having a say over greyhound racing May 17, 2018 — Text of the complaint (15 pp.) May 17, 2018 — Judge says Committee to Protect Dogs can't fully participate in the legal case June 29, 2018 — Trial date set for July 26 June 29, 2018 — Judge decides to cancel trial; will decide based on legal arguments only July 6, 2018 — Hearing set for July 26 July 18, 2018

Why this woman adopted seven greyhounds (YouTube video) July 18, 2018 — What it's like to live with a greyhound (YouTube video) July 18, 2018

Florida "Yes" campaign announces first list of endorsers July 6, 2018 — More endorsements announced July 10, 2018 — Still more endorsements July 13, 2018 — Fourth batch of endorsements released July 18, 2018

Victoria trainer banned for life for cruelty to five greyhounds July 18, 2018

Adopt a greyhound, save a couch! (YouTube video) July 17, 2018

Mothballed Wichita, Kansas greyhound track to be auctioned off July 17 June 19, 2018 — Wichita Greyhound Park to be sold on Tuesday July 15, 2018 — Ruffin buys racetrack land; becomes his own landlord July 17, 2018

South Australia's RSPCA calls for birth-to-death tracking of racing greyhounds July 16, 2018

Australian vets warn of behavioural problems in ex-racing greyhounds July 14, 2018

Spike in greyhounds killed and injured at races in New South Wales July 14, 2018

Race is on to win greyhound racing debate June 27, 2018 — Opinion: A grassroots campaign to protect dogs July 3, 2018 — Opinion: Florida racing ban will lead to compassionate freedom ride July 13, 2018 — Owner of greyhound adoption agency details abuses of dogs at Palm Beach Kennel Club July 13, 2018

RSPCA discover nine dead and twelve sick and emaciated greyhounds on trainer's property in Sydney, NSW July 12, 2018 — “Some of them have such horrendous dental disease that you could actually smell the rotting in their mouths” July 12, 2018 — NSW racing minister is quick to rush to the industry's defence July 12, 2018 — Green Party says this proves "nothing has changed" July 12, 2018

Canidrome must remove all dogs from the premises by July 21, or be in violation of the Animal Protection Law July 4, 2018 — Animal welfare advocates urge Macau government to step in and ensure adopted greyhounds are spayed and neutered July 9, 2018 — Eight groups urge government to ensure the greyhounds won't end up in mainland China July 9, 2018 — Macau legislator fears greyhounds will be sent to mainland China for breeding July 9, 2018 — Canidrome director does not deny the possibility that the dogs may end up in China July 9, 2018 — Australians are concerned about fate of greyhounds July 9, 2018 — Australian TV documentary segment on the Canidrome greyhounds (with transcript) July 9, 2018 — Canidrome says it has received 127 adoption applications to date July 10, 2018 — Hong Kong and Macau make special agreement for importation of greyhounds to Hong Kong July 12, 2018 — Canidrome wants to move greyhounds to another Chinese offshore island July 12, 2018 — Gaming Inspection and Co-ordinating Bureau denies Canidrome's request for a 4-month lease extension July 13, 2018

Florida trainer accused of inhumane treatment April 20, 2018 — Trainer goes scot free after racing "regulator" fails to file complaint before deadline July 11, 2018 — News video (YouTube) July 11, 2018

Florida's "Yes to 13" campaign issues first video June 19, 2018 — Yes campaign releases second video June 25, 2018 — Racing industry produces fact-free video to refute its own statistics that greyhounds are confined 20-23 hours a day July 9, 2018

Fears rise over Macau greyhounds' fate June 19, 2018 — Anima requests "full responsibility" for Canidrome greyhounds June 20, 2018 — Canidrome held its last dog race on June 20 June 20, 2018 — Canidrome's days "threatening to end in even greater infamy" June 26, 2018 — Macau government agency reminds the public of proper procedure for overseas adoption of Canidrome greyhounds June 26, 2018 — Since ordering the Canidrome to close two years ago, city officials have done nothing to ensure protection of the greyhounds June 27, 2018 — Greyhound blood-selling fears prompt protest in Macau June 27, 2018 — Anima submits 650 adoption forms to Macau authorities June 27, 2018 — Macau government and Canidrome management jeopardizing attempts to rescue 650 greyhounds June 28, 2018 — People all over the globe offer to adopt the 600+ Canidrome dogs June 29, 2018 — Macau Canidrome hosts last ever greyhound race meeting July 1, 2018 — Macau government gives Canidrome July 10 deadline to explain what will happen to unadopted greyhounds after the premises are vacated July 21 July 2, 2018 — Canidrome must relocate 600 greyhounds July 3, 2018

Michigan greyhound hit by car while fleeing July 4 fireworks July 2, 2018 — Dwight the greyhound is seriously injured in panic attack from neighbourhood fireworks July 2, 2018 — TV News video July 3, 2018

New South Wales racing industry still reluctant to reform its ways July 1, 2018

State approves ending dog races at Miami track July 20, 2017 — No more greyhound racing at Miami's Magic City casino after June 2018 April 4, 2018 — Flagler Greyhound Track in Miami holds last greyhound race June 29, 2018

Florida racing industry sues supporters of Amendment 13 for violation of copyright June 24, 2018 — Racing ban supporters respond to claim June 29, 2018

Irish heatwave prompts cancellation of some racing events June 25, 2018 — Irish greyhounds still being raced in near-record heat June 27, 2018

Tasmanian racing minister defends "horrific" greyhound death statistics June 27, 2018

Australian greyhound blood donor saves cat's life June 27, 2018

Naples residents join call to end greyhound racing in Florida June 6, 2018 — Dog fight begins between groups over Amendment 13 June 7, 2018 — TV News video coverage of the controversy June 7, 2018 — Another "grassroots" meeting held in Jacksonville June 11, 2018 — Florida Chamber of Commerce opinion poll shows greyhound advocates have more work to do to get Amendment 13 passed June 13, 2018 — Florida League of Women Voters supports Amendment 13 June 24, 2018 — Pro-racing adoption group expresses "worry" that greyhound racing may be banned June 27, 2018

English couple adopt a "vulnerable and malnourished" greyhound that had been used for hare coursing in Ireland June 26, 2018

Florida dog racers take court action to block Seminole County's regulation of greyhound welfare May 17, 2017 — Florida's Sanford-Orlando track stopped reporting greyhound injuries as of the day when the racing industry filed a law suit to strike down the injury reporting law (TV news video) June 21, 2017 — Seminole County's reporting rules are frequently broken, not being enforced January 9, 2018 — Seminole County's conflicting injury reports January 12, 2018 — Court hears motions from both sides for summary judgment June 26, 2018 (with TV news video)

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