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These pages were created during the last seven years of Rufus's life, in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, that life was cut short on August 10, 2015, when he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen that was causing him great pain. As he was held and comforted by those who loved him most, Rufus was humanely released forever from his suffering. He had lived for twelve years, two months, and twenty days.

This web site, apart from the page you are reading now, is preserved as it was during Rufus's life (except for the replacement, from time to time, of some outdated hotlinks and other material). Use the Menu Bar above to navigate between the sections of the site.

The present page, however, continues to be updated frequently with current news headlines and other items of interest to people who love greyhounds and care about the welfare of these wonderful companion animals, wherever they are around the world. We do this in tribute to the life of Rufus, who remains forever in our hearts and minds.

World Greyhound News Headlines

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New South Wales greyhound, disoriented after falling during a race, escapes from the the track and disappears June 27, 2016

Greyhound rescue groups celebrate last race in Tucson June 24, 2016 — After 72 years, live dog racing ends at Tucson Greyhound Park June 26, 2016 — Greyhounds cross final finish line at Tucson Greyhound Park's last live race June 26, 2016 — Last live race at Tucson Greyhound Park June 26, 2016

West Virginia racing gradually bleeding out June 25, 2016

Irish Agriculture Minister dismisses concerns about cruel hare coursing (Video) June 8, 2016 — Minister refuses to ban hare coursing June 10, 2016 — Independent Irish legislator calls for outright ban on hare coursing June 11, 2016 — Irish legislators debate hare coursing June 24, 2016

Greyhounds Australasia sets new thresholds for arsenic and testosterone in drug testing June 24, 2016

World's oldest greyhound trainer banned for cobalt doping in South Australia June 24, 2016

Queensland trainer gets suspended sentence for using possums to live-bait greyhounds June 24, 2016

Protect your greyhound during "fireworks season" June 23, 2016

Protesters support demolition of greyhound stadium in Birmingham, U.K. May 26, 2016 — Greyhound track housing plans set for major step forward June 16, 2016 — Petition campaign opposes demolition of Hall Green stadium June 17, 2016 — Animal welfare groups back Hall Green Stadium demolition plan June 20, 2016 — Clash of opposing views shaping up for Thursday's council meeting June 20, 2016 — Planning committee votes to block Hall Green stadium demolition June 23, 2016

Record-size litter of 14 pups won't help Queensland's overbreeding problem April 14, 2016 — Queensland newspaper denounces "propaganda from extremists" concerned with overbreeding April 19, 2016 — Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds responds to "extremist" label June 16, 2016 — Brood bitch's revenge: She destroys her owner's dentures June 23, 2016

Opinion: U.K. government's response to EFRA parliamentary committee's report is wholly inadequate June 21, 2016 — Racing industry welcomes the government's response June 21, 2016 — Dogs Trust charity responds to the government's response June 22, 2016 — Charity calls for review of welfare regulations to be completed June 22, 2016

Disgraced Queensland greyhound trainer due back in court June 29 June 22, 2016

One week to go until Tucson Greyhound Park closes down forever June 18, 2016 — More than 150 Tucson greyhounds will be sent elsewhere to continue racing June 22, 2016

Shortage of dogs forces Canidrome to reduce number of races by a third May 30, 2016 — Editorial: Closing the Canidrome is "the right thing to do" June 1, 2016 — Six reasons to close the Canidrome June 10 2016 — Macau's Canidrome is unwanted and inconvenient June 12, 2016 — Widespread support in Macau for closing the Canidrome June 21, 2016

New Zealand government hands another $384,000 to the racing industry June 21, 2016

Disgraceful scenes in Manchester as Belle Vue greyhound track security guard throws punch at peaceful protester June 18, 2016 — Manchester police are investigating June 21, 2016

Great British Greyhound Walk goes global May 9, 2016 — How it all began 10 years ago May 31, 2016 — Humans join hounds for annual walk in Burton-on-Trent, June 19 May 31, 2016 — How a walk that started life in Essex went worldwide June 6, 2016 — Walk planned for Tauranga, N.Z. June 7, 2016 — Braintree greyhound charity walk now a global phenomenon to help retired breeds in need of care June 7, 2016 — Eight New Zealand towns will participate in the walk June 10, 2016 — Biggleswade, Bedfordshire walk June 14, 2016 — Blenheim, N.Z. walk June 15, 2016 — Winchester walk June 16, 2016 — Australia walks June 17, 2016 — Upton Country Park, Dorset walk June 18, 2016 — Twenty greyhounds walked in Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, N.Z. June 19, 2016 — Nine greyhounds, two labradors and a doberman walked in Invercargill, N.Z. June 19, 2016 — Blenheim, N.Z. walk (with video) June 21, 2016 — Over 4,700 dogs walked in 152 locations around the world June 21, 2016

West Virginia budget cuts $4 million from greyhound racing purses June 14, 2016 — A "dagger through the heart" for greyhound racing June 14, 2016 — Governor is expected to sign the budget June 15, 2016 — Lawyer says budget makes it "impossible to survive" for the racing industry June 15, 2016 — Casino VP reluctant to pull the plug on greyhound racing June 16, 2016 — Governor faces potential conflict of interest if he fails to sign budget bill June 17, 2016 — Governor overrules legislature; restores public funding to greyhound industry June 17, 2016 — Governor's line-item veto means $4 million funding cut will be shared between horse and dog racing June 17, 2016 — Opinion: House of Delegates took a "ham-fisted approach" to greyhound racing subsidies June 18, 2016 — Greyhound racing survives with Tomblin's help June 20, 2016 — Based on projected video lottery revenue, cuts to greyhound racing subsidy will amount to $900,000 next year June 21, 2016

More Australian trainers disqualified for cruelty and banned substances offences June 20, 2016 — New South Wales man charged with aggravated cruelty and 5 counts of failure to provide veterinary treatment to greyhounds June 20, 2016

One hundred and twenty-seven dogs braved the Dublin rain June 19, with their adopted owners, to show support for the 6th Annual Walk for Greyhounds, hosted by Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland June 20, 2016 — Hundreds walking in the rain for greyhounds June 20, 2016

What they're calling it these days: "Post Race Distress Syndrome" June 19, 2016

Scottish greyhound slips out of collar, attacks and mauls Shih-tzu June 15, 2016 — Police still looking for greyhound's owner June 18, 2016

Plans for new greyhound track in Queensland no closer to fruition than 8 years ago June 17, 2016

RSPCA calls for Australian Capital Territory government to end funding of greyhound industry in Canberra June 17, 2016

Stop sending Irish greyhounds to die on Chinese racing track, activists urge May 30, 2016 — Global rally to end greyhound export draws big crowds June 3, 2016 — A dogged attempt to end greyhound exports to China June 4, 2016 — Animal rights activists hopeful that Ireland will ban greyhound exports to Macau June 4, 2016 — Protest June 11 in Cork against exports of greyhounds to Macau (with video) June 9, 2016 — Independent Irish legislator grills government over greyhound exports (with video) June 10, 2016 — Racetrack in Cork is the site of tonight's protest against Irish greyhound exports to Macau June 11, 2016 — Protest at Irish consulate in Boston June 12, 2016 — Amateur video coverage of Cork protest June 17, 2016

The story of the H&M greyhound/whippet dress June 16, 2016

NSW greyhound racing bracing itself as inquiry report handed down June 16, 2016 — Government has the report, but hasn't decided whether to make it public June 16, 2016

Wimbledon FC says its plans to demolish dog racing track have not been delayed April 18, 2016 — The battle for Plough Lane is far from over April 19, 2016 — Opinion: Can greyhound racing win the battle to prove its worth? May 18, 2016 — Newly-promoted AFC Wimbledon prepares case for new stadium to replace greyhound track June 2, 2016 — Flooding at greyhound track where proposed Wimbledon football stadium is to be built June 14, 2016 — London mayor says decision on Wimbledon FC stadium plans will come "sooner rather than later" June 16, 2016

Chippiparai, a South Indian sighthound, joins the Greyhound as a universal blood donor June 15, 2016

More suspensions, fines, and severe reprimands handed out to British dog racers June 14, 2016

Greyhound Rescue and Co-ordinated Emergencies (G.R.A.C.E) has greyhounds available for adoption in northeast England June 14, 2016

New South Wales introduces "hoop arm" racing lure system June 14, 2016

Once lonely and suicidal, now Sandy says adopting a greyhound has made her life "full and rich" June 14, 2016

Successful petition campaign forces a vote on tougher regulations at Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club race track June 13, 2016

Australian greyhound rescued from racing is still waiting for her brother to come home from Macau June 13, 2016

Opinion: Greyhound breed is being weakened by breeders obsessed with producing sprinters June 13, 2016

"Celebrity" Victoria greyhound is featured in one of a series of adoption promotion videos June 13, 2016

Frankston city council in Victoria state orders greyhound "storage venue" shut down as "inhumane and not in keeping with community standards" June 13, 2016

New South Wales trainer disqualified 20 weeks after greyhound fails test for anaesthetic and anxiety drugs June 9, 2016 — Two trainers disqualified for drug offences June 13, 2016

Irish breeder appeals against ban for steroid doping and "callous and wilful cruelty" June 13, 2016

Regulator charges 179 greyhound breeders and trainers in New South Wales with exporting greyhounds to certain death in Macau June 9, 2016 — "Bring Jack Home" campaign to save Australian greyhounds sold to Macau June 9, 2016 — Interview with CEO of GRNSW (Radio podcast) June 10, 2016 — Greyhound racing in Macau, China runs toward oblivion June 10, 2016 — Greyhound export probe launched in Australia June 13, 2016

Florida company makes synthetic greyhound cadavers for training veterinary surgeons (with video) June 12, 2016

Victoria state breeder/trainer fined $500 and disqualified for 4 months for keeping 8 greyhounds in a filthy, disused dog trailer with little bedding and no room for water June 10, 2016

Your guide to fostering or adopting a greyhound in Australia June 10, 2016

U.S. dog racing in sharp decline June 10, 2016

Queensland appeal tribunal dismisses argument that undercover video of live baiting activity is inadmissible as evidence June 9, 2016 — Live-baiters in Victoria state attempt to have video evidence excluded from their criminal trials June 10, 2016

International conference for greyhound advocates to be held in Florida October 15 June 8, 2016

Victoria breeder/trainer says you can't cut corners when rearing greyhound pups (video) June 8, 2016

Greyhound Racing Victoria's latest rule revisions allow trainers to euthanize up to five greyhounds per month without giving advance notice to GRV June 7, 2016

Under pressure from animal advocates, tycoon withdraws €40,000 sponsorship funds from the 3-day Irish Cup hare coursing event June 7, 2016

Greyhound Rescue Association is written up in Irish TV guide this week June 6, 2016

Opinion: "Insane grants" to Irish greyhound industry must be stopped June 6, 2016

TV exposé of Australian live baiting practices wins five journalism awards August 8, 2015 — "Four Corners" team members win Australian Sports Commission media award for best reporting of an issue in sport November 23, 2015 — "Four Corners" team members win Australian journalism's top honour, the Gold Walkley Award December 3, 2015 — ABC journalist to receive prestigious Genesis Award from Humane Society International June 6, 2016

New South Wales trainer fined $750 for each of two dogs that failed tests for beta-blocker drug May 31, 2016 — NSW trainer fined $1,250 after dog tests positive for steroid June 1, 2016 — NSW and Victoria trainers fined and disqualified after dogs fail drug tests June 6, 2016

Home-cooked food for your greyhound June 4, 2016

12th annual Mountain Hounds greyhound gathering this weekend in North Carolina June 1, 2016 — Greyhounds in Gatlinburg (with TV news video) June 4, 2016

Staffordshire couple banned from keeping animals after causing suffering to a greyhound June 3, 2016 — Emaciated greyhound was found with cigarette burns all over his body June 4, 2016

Florida greyhound tracks hope state supreme court will allow them to install slot machines June 3, 2016

West Virginia looks for ways to balance the budget (with news video) May 25, 2016 — Bill in West Virginia legislature would redirect greyhound breeding development funds to road repairs May 26, 2016 — Greyhound bill stalls in senate finance committee June 3, 2016

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons uses live greyhounds for surgical practice April 13, 2016 — Surgeon offers a defence of vivisection of greyhounds April 26, 2016 — New technology could mean no dogs will die to train veterinarians any more June 2, 2016

Boogie the greyhound viciously attacked by off-leash dog in Scotland June 2, 2016

Tasmania's Green party has a plan to end greyhound racing June 2, 2016

Top class New Zealand racer dies of complications following surgery for track injury June 2, 2016 — Dog was injured so often it was hard to tell how good a racer he could have been June 2, 2016

Reason #191 to keep your greyhound on a leash in open public areas May 17, 2016 — Reason #192 to keep your greyhound on a leash in open public areas June 1, 2016

Weekend walks with the greyhounds in Meadowbrook Park, Urbana, Illinois May 30, 2016

New drug available in USA to treat canine anxiety May 30, 2016

More fines and disqualifications issued to Australians for doping offences May 30, 2016

New Zealand racing industry integrity chief is embroiled in a sex scandal May 29, 2016

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