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These pages were created during the last seven years of Rufus's life, in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, that life was cut short on August 10, 2015, when he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen that was causing him great pain. As he was held and comforted by those who loved him most, Rufus was humanely released forever from his suffering. He had lived for twelve years, two months, and twenty days.

This web site, apart from the page you are reading now, is preserved as it was during Rufus's life (except for the replacement, from time to time, of some outdated hotlinks and other material). Use the Menu Bar above to navigate between the sections of the site.

The present page, however, continues to be updated frequently with current news headlines and other items of interest to people who love greyhounds and care about the welfare of these wonderful companion animals, wherever they are around the world. We do this in tribute to the life of Rufus, who remains forever in our hearts and minds.

World Greyhound News Headlines

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Animal races are anything but entertaining, and why they need to stop December 7, 2016

"The drugs seem to have taken over" in Irish greyhound industry (Radio podcast) December 7, 2016

New South Wales racetrack threatened with closure over greyhound safety and welfare issues December 7, 2016

Irish police investigate theft of top racing greyhound December 6, 2016 — Greyhound recovered safe and well; four alleged kidnappers arrested December 7, 2016

The epidemic of cobalt chloride doping in Australia is growing December 5, 2016 — Six months disqualification for caffeine doping in New South Wales December 5, 2016 — And the cobalt doping epidemic continues December 7, 2016

Severe flooding forces evacuation of galgos from rescue centre in southern Spain December 4, 2016

South Florida greyhound rescue trains service dogs for veterans December 4, 2016

British TV host Paul O'Grady appeals on air to find Bud the greyhound/collie a home after he has waited over 1,000 days to be adopted October 6, 2016 — Bud has finally been adopted October 26, 2016 — Bud is settling in at his forever home December 3, 2016

I fostered a greyhound: This what they're like as pets December 3, 2016

Argentina close to banning greyhound racing (YouTube video) October 12, 2016 — Argentina Chamber of Deputies considers bill to ban dog racing November 16, 2016 — Racing supporters and opponents kept apart by police outside the House of Congress (YouTube video) November 16, 2016 — Argentina lawmakers pass bill banning greyhound racing November 17, 2016 — Congress bans greyhound racing across Argentina November 17, 2016 — Argentina: Greyhound and galgo racing banned November 17, 2016 — Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland calls for ban on export of greyhounds to Argentina November 18, 2016 — Interview with leading campaigner against dog racing in Argentina December 2, 2016

Fifteen week suspension for cobalt doping in New South Wales November 30, 2016 — Sixty week suspension for ostarine doping in New South Wales December 1, 2016 — Eight week suspension and $500 fine for cobalt doping in New South Wales December 2, 2016

"Atrocious" video of NSW greyhound trainer allegedly using cattle prod on dog referred to police July 22, 2016 — Racing regulator's statement July 22, 2016 — Shocking footage shows a trainer use a cattle prod to repeatedly poke a greyhound moments before it starts a race July 22, 2016 — Another black eye for the dog racing industry July 22, 2016 — NSW police investigates trainer who allegedly used 6,000-volt cattle prod on greyhound July 22, 2016 — Police to investigate NSW greyhound worker July 24, 2016 — GRNSW admits video was sent to stewards in 2012 July 26, 2016 — Stewards disqualify trainer Robert Newstead 15 months, after allowing a 25% "discount" for pleading guilty November 25, 2016 — NSW trainer who used cattle prod on greyhound unlikely to face criminal charges December 1, 2016

Workplace foster greyhound Faye is beneficiary of Australian engineering firm's corporate responsibility program (with video) December 1, 2016

New Zealand greyhound keeps killing neighbour's cats when they stray onto his back yard (with video) December 1, 2016

Opinion: The real problem is that public perception hasn't kept up with the racing industry's wonderful improvements in animal welfare November 30, 2016

New Jersey community mobilizes to find runaway greyhound, and succeeds November 30, 2016

RSPCA Australia: What do I need to consider before adopting a greyhound? November 29, 2016

Lawyer defending accused live baiter argues in Queensland court that video evidence is inadmissible November 28, 2016

Greyhound wins Best in Show at National Dog Show in Philadelphia November 24, 2016 — Greyhounds rule! November 28, 2016

More discarded Irish greyhounds are flown to America because of lack of adoptive homes in Ireland November 28, 2016

Greyhound racing returns to Harlingen, Texas November 25, 2016 — Opinion: Return of dog racing serves only special interests November 27, 2016

Greyhound toothbrushing (YouTube video) November 27, 2016

Adopting a greyhound in Florida (YouTube video) November 27, 2016

Greyhound pet profile (YouTube video) November 27, 2016

Ten new greyhound welfare inspectors hired for Victoria's greyhound industry November 25, 2016

Bikers Against Dog Abuse holds fundraiser for greyhound adoption in Western Australia November 25, 2016

NSW trainer fined $1500 after greyhound tests positive for cognitive enhancement drugs November 25, 2016 — NSW trainer warned off for three years for improper and threatening behaviour towards a race steward November 25, 2016

Greyhound welfare changes in Tasmania described as "glacial" by RSPCA November 25, 2016

Top British racing trainer fined for "improved performances" at Romford dog track November 24, 2016

New rule requiring hydration of greyhounds on race days will be given a voluntary trial at one NSW race track November 24, 2016

Notorious live-baiter seeks to have video evidence against him thrown out of court November 23, 2016

Polls showed majority in New South Wales favoured the ban on greyhound racing November 2, 2016 — Opinion: Media bias was to blame for NSW racing ban reversal November 23, 2016

NSW property with mass greyhound grave was owned by members of one of Australia's most successful racing dynasties when killings took place July 21, 2016 — Police investigation into mass graves results in arrest for unauthorized firearm possession September 15, 2016 — Suspect is described as a "greyhound worker" September 15, 2016 — The accused is a former manager of the Keinbah trial track September 15, 2016 — Pullman is released without conviction, despite pleading guilty November 17, 2016 — Yet another inquiry into Keinbah trial track mass graves is launched by racing regulator November 23, 2016

New Zealand Racing Board announces a closed inquiry into greyhound welfare November 22, 2016 — Greyhound Protection League reacts to inquiry announcement November 22, 2016 — Racing Board defends decision not to allow public submissions to the inquiry (with audio interview podcast) November 23, 2016

New South Wales trial track is shut down for "a number of safety concerns" November 23, 2016

Are NSW greyhound trainers escaping police prosecution for illegal drug use? November 22, 2016

New Zealand racing industry looks for a "special family" to adopt the 2,000th greyhound from its Greyhounds As Pets program November 7, 2016 — N.Z. greyhounds seek homes November 21, 2016

Member of New South Wales Legislative Council makes a formal complaint to police about rampant criminal activity in the greyhound racing industry November 17, 2016 — Mark Pearson raises cruelty and criminality issues in NSW Legislative Council November 21, 2016

Seven greyhounds are kept at University of Missouri's veterinary health centre as canine blood donors November 20, 2016

Greyhound and Labrador mix, best friends, are looking for a forever home together in Scotland November 19, 2016

New figures reveal 10.4% of racing greyhounds in New South Wales suffered racing injuries between July 1 and September 30 this year November 19, 2016 — Link to official 3rd quarter injury report November 19, 2016

Opinion: You bet, they die — The shame of greyhound racing November 19, 2016

Are Irish greyhounds disappearing into thin air? November 18, 2016

Names of members of NSW Greyhound Industry Reform Panel released October 21, 2016 — Panel operating in secret, with no public input November 17, 2016

14 weeks suspension seems to be the new normal "punishment" for doping racing greyhounds in NSW November 17, 2016

NSW politician tells schoolchildren he opposed the ban on greyhound racing because of concern about "the idea of banning things" November 17, 2016

Queensland trainer has lifetime ban thrown out on appeal November 17, 2016

Sleepy greyhound too tired to put his pyjamas on (YouTube video) November 17, 2016

Australian nursing home adopts Sammy the greyhound April 26, 2016 — Sammy fits right in at the nursing home July 15, 2016 — Sammy loves his retirement home November 15, 2016

Update on greyhound racing injuries in the USA to September 2016 November 14, 2016

NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant resigns in wake of greyhound saga November 14, 2016

If greyhounds could vote: A smart little greyhound’s perspective November 13, 2016

Retired greyhounds are so worth saving November 13, 2016

Another 19 "bad apples" are caught in the Australian greyhound racing industry. None are banned November 12, 2016

Wagering on Florida greyhound racing drops 4% in latest annual figures November 11, 2016

Trainer who live-baited greyhounds is still active in the industry (radio podcast) July 14, 2016 — Interim suspension of Harry Sarkis is announced July 28, 2016 — Sydney greyhound trainer suspended over alleged live baiting July 28, 2016 — Greyhound trainer suspended and investigated for luring and baiting offences July 28, 2016 — Suspended greyhound trainer hits back July 28, 2016 — Sarkis denies wrongdoing and slams GRNSW for targeting him July 28, 2016 — Two trainers suspended as dog industry seeks support July 29, 2016 — Interim suspension of Harry Sarkis is lifted until August 3 July 29, 2016 — Stewards decide no charges to be laid against Sarkis November 11, 2016

Shoe drive held in Illinois to raise funds for greyhound adoption November 11, 2016

Greyhound on cart, headed to slaughter, saved by animal activists in China (Warning: shocking descriptions of cruelty) July 18, 2015 — Senior greyhound was headed to slaughter when someone saw her soul August 19, 2015 — Greyhound rescued from becoming meat looking for new home in Chicago September 18, 2015 — Two Chinese greyhounds rescued in July have arrived in the U.K. November 11, 2016

Ash the greyhound is named PETA Australia's "Cutest Adopted Companion Animal" for 2016 November 11, 2016

371 greyhounds were put down in Western Australia this past year because they were too slow, injured, or deemed unsuitable to be re-homed. November 10, 2016 — Shocking new figures reveal systemic cruelty in WA greyhound racing November 10, 2016 — WA euthanised greyhound figures revealed November 11, 2016

WA racing industry's adoption program costs almost half a million dollars a year, but rehomed only 163 dogs in the past year November 11, 2016

Annual dog show and table top sale raises over £2,000 for Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue November 10, 2016

Ten-week disqualification for NSW trainer whose greyhound tested positive for cobalt October 7, 2016 — NSW trainer fined $750 after greyhound fails drug test October 26, 2016 — NSW trainer suspended 14 weeks after greyhound tests positive for caffeine November 2, 2016 — NSW trainer suspended a mere 14 weeks, after greyhound tests positive for cobalt November 10, 2016

Five greyhounds die on race tracks per week in Australia (YouTube video) November 9, 2016

Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track veterinarian has a history of malpractice claims November 9, 2016

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