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These pages were created during the last seven years of Rufus's life, in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, that life was cut short on August 10, 2015, when he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen that was causing him great pain. As he was held and comforted by those who loved him most, Rufus was humanely released forever from his suffering. He had lived for twelve years, two months, and twenty days.

This web site, apart from the page you are reading now, is preserved as it was during Rufus's life (except for the replacement, from time to time, of some outdated hotlinks and other material). Use the Menu Bar above to navigate between the sections of the site.

The present page, however, continues to be updated frequently with current news headlines and other items of interest to people who love greyhounds and care about the welfare of these wonderful companion animals, wherever they are around the world. We do this in tribute to the life of Rufus, who remains forever in our hearts and minds.

World Greyhound News Headlines

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Green Party calls on New South Wales government to abolish the requirement for greyhounds to be muzzled in public May 23, 2018

Four greyhounds have been euthanized and 109 injured since January 3 at the premier racetrack in New South Wales May 21, 2018

Five greyhounds missing from Oxfordshire racing kennel May 21, 2018

New Zealand racing industry releases another "independent" report on its economic importance May 21, 2018 — Link to the report May 21, 2018

New South Wales racing board member implicated in illicit export of greyhound to Dubai May 4, 2018 — Four charged in greyhound export probe May 4, 2018 — Michael Eberand is vice president of the Australian Federation of Greyhound Breeders, Owners, and Trainers May 4, 2018 — One of NSW’s top greyhound trainers is charged with illicit export of 120 dogs to China and Macau May 18, 2018

Campaign is launched to pass Amendment 13 in Florida May 9, 2018 — National Greyhound Association plans a public relations campaign to influence Florida voters May 18, 2018

Florida greyhound industry goes to court to prevent voters from having a say over greyhound racing May 17, 2018 — Text of the complaint (15 pp.) May 17, 2018

South Australia's greyhound racing industry to get an extra $half-million subsidy every year May 17, 2018

Tilly the British greyhound saves lives by donating blood May 17, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down federal law banning sports betting; racetracks see potential new source of gambling revenue May 14, 2018 — Kansas legislature will vote on sports gambling next year May 14, 2018 — Sports betting will be controversial in Arkansas May 14, 2018 — West Virginia's greyhound racinos are likely beneficiaries of sports gambling May 14, 2018 — Experts predict costly rise in gambling addiction May 14, 2018 — Sports betting would complicate Florida's gambling regime even more May 14, 2018 — Florida greyhound "racinos" could be big beneficiaries May 15, 2018

On average, a greyhound is injured every three days at Southland racetrack in Arkansas (TV news video) May 14, 2018

Fourteen greyhounds confiscated by South African SPCA May 10, 2018

Rescued Alabama greyhounds arrive in Nova Scotia May 10, 2018

Constitutional amendment to ban greyhound racing will be on the Florida ballot November 6, 2018 April 16, 2018 — Official text April 16, 2018 — List of the eight approved ballot proposals April 17, 2018 — Racing industry plans court challenge to ballot proposal April 17, 2018 — Opinion: Letting voters decide on greyhound racing is the right call April 17, 2018 — Voters have a chance to shut down greyhound racing April 19, 2018 — Florida loses $3.3 million a year from the dog races April 20, 2018 — Opinion: Greyhound racing is a cruel, deadly game April 22, 2018 — Dogmen threaten to kill thousands of greyhounds if racing is ended in Florida April 23, 2018

Greyhound Racing Victoria issues revised penalty guidelines May 7, 2018

Greyhound death statistics reveal dark side of British racing May 7, 2018

In New South Wales, racing greyhounds test positive for banned substances ten times as often as race horses May 6, 2018

Report says reopening Oxford greyhound stadium would be "commercially viable" March 28, 2018 — Return of greyhound racing and speedway racing is "on the table" March 29, 2018 — League Against Cruel Sports asks City Council to reconsider attempts to reopen greyhound track May 4, 2018

April is Greyhound Adoption Month March 31, 2018 — Gentle giants make great companions for over-60s March 31, 2018 — Eight great things about greyhounds April 1, 2018 — Australians love their greyhounds April 5, 2018 — All about greyhounds April 7, 2018 — Why you should adopt a greyhound in April April 12, 2018 — Irish Dogs Trust video parody of "Baywatch" promotes greyhound adoption April 13, 2018 — Greyhound adoption in Minnesota April 13, 2018 — Independent animal rescue in Dorset, U.K. has greyhounds, lurchers, and other dogs available for adoption April 15, 2018 — Greyhound Rescue group in NSW April 19, 2018 — Adoption Month a big success for Greyhound Rescue group May 4, 2018

April 29 will be National Greyhound Adoption Day in Australia April 9, 2018 — Victoria state April 9, 2018 — Western Australia April 23, 2018 — 350 people attended Western Australia's adoption day event April 30, 2018 — More than 200 greyhounds adopted in country-wide blitz May 1, 2018 — Make that 212 adoptions May 4, 2018

Non-racing greyhounds will not need to be muzzled after January 1 in Victoria state April 23, 2018 — Radio interview with racing minister April 23, 2018 — RSPCA Victoria celebrates removal of Greyhound muzzles April 23, 2018 — Mavis the greyhound is happy she doesn't need to wear a muzzle any more May 4, 2018

New Zealand trainer banned for two years after dog tests positive for methamphetamine May 2, 2018 — Trainer intends to appeal May 2, 2018 — Racing industry head lashes out at critics of doping greyhounds with meth May 3, 2018

More government money for Victoria's racing industry May 3, 2018

Blue the greyhound finds his forever home (Video) May 3, 2018

After closing the Australian Capital Territory's only greyhound track, government issues new Code of Practice for breeding and training greyhounds April 27, 2018 — Trainers in the ACT say the new Code will put them out of business May 1, 2018

U.K. Greyhound Trust plans to build new "flagship homing centre" in Surrey April 30, 2018

Canberra greyhound racers plan to continue racing at Goulburn in NSW after racing is banned in the Australian Capital Territory April 17, 2018 — Canberra's greyhound track may become a futsal facility when racing ends later this month April 20, 2018 — Politics could interfere with plans to bring soccer to Canberra's greyhound track April 21, 2018 — Final day of greyhound racing in the Australian Capital Territory April 29, 2018

The U.S. National Greyhound Association talks tough about exports of greyhounds to countries with poor animal welfare standards, though there is nothing they can do to stop it April 27, 2018

Push underway to bring greyhound racing back to Kansas March 11, 2018 — House bill passes committee March 25, 2018 — Racing industry drools at the prospect of reopening tracks April 2, 2018 — Momentum building to pass legislation to reopen tracks April 9, 2018 — Kansas senate to take up racing bill tomorrow April 26, 2018 — Kansas senate adds amendment to bill, calling for regulation of welfare of racing animals April 27, 2018 — Bill narrowly defeated 20-17 in senate April 27, 2018

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